mick fanning

July 20, 2015

What Mick Fanning’s Shark Attack Can Teach You and How It Relates to Love.

Australian Triple world surfing champion Mick Fanning had a lucky escape while surfing in the J-Bay open in South Africa. Mick was…


July 8, 2015

Why Marrying A Stranger Is More Likely To Last. Married At First Sight.

Would You Marry A Stranger If It Increased Your Chances Of Forever Love? With divorce rates soaring maybe it’s time to rethink…

Married At First Sight

June 24, 2015

Married At First Sight TV Show A Good Or Bad Thing?

Like it or loathe it married at first sight has sparked huge interests amongst Australian’s. On its first night, the controversial show…

blue label life review

May 13, 2015

Married and Expecting…

I love these emails!!! Chris and Nicole are getting married!!! Ok so happy news  I thought I'd share with you! Our head…

Alex and Jennifer

April 30, 2015

Blue Label Life We Are Getting Married!

Hi There, Samantha Jayne here! Just a quickie! I was searching through my inbox and thought I'd share this happy story with…

dating a shy guy

April 29, 2015

How to Date the Shy Guy

The shy guy is a unique breed of male; he will have a great relationship with his friends, be warm and friendly…

winter date ideas

April 26, 2015

7 Great Winter Date Ideas

Winter is hitting  and the chill factor is high, but that does not mean your love life can’t be smoking hot. Dating…

Bounce back from a relationship break up

April 25, 2015

How to Bounce Back from a Break up

Break ups hurt, they hurt a lot, and as much as we love it eating ice-cream and binging on chocolates or alcohol…

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Happy Couples

  • I could never have expected to meet someone who is so perfect for me. We are truly soul mates and more importantly best friends.

    Katie & Simon

  • I couldn't have asked to meet a more fun and genuine guy in John... he is special :)


  • It's been the most marvellous six months with Amanda. She's moved up to live with me and just last week said yes to marrying me! Thank you with all my heart.


  • We moved in together last week and have some serious long term plans for the future. She is a truly amazing woman and I love her very much.


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