7 Essential First Date Tips Just For Men

First impressions can make or break your first date. I’ve put together first date tips just for men to make sure you make a lasting impression and increase your chances of securing a second date.

First date tips just for men

1.Be confident.

Women love a confident man, it’s sexy and appealing. When a man is confident it brings out a woman’s feminine side, she is able to feel herself, soft, safe and looked after. If you’re not feeling confident jump in the deep end, often simply by taking action you feel a sense of confidence.

2. Plan the date.

Women love a man with a plan, they adore it when a man takes charge. In modern times women have so much responsibility, they are on all the time. Planning your first date is the perfect way to reduce or eliminate nerves.

3. Smell good.

Smell is the number one aphrodisiac it makes or breaks attraction. Make sure you spend some money on good cologne and always shower before a date, she will adore your freshness and that extra effort.

4. Compliment her.

When you tell her how good she looks she will connect with you. Women go to huge lengths to prepare for their dates and it often goes un-noticed. By giving her a compliment not only will it make her day it, you will win huge brownie points and it will make a great first impression of you!

5. Be positive.

Charismatic people talk about their dreams aspirations and pleasant experiences. When you are on your date focus on her she will adore you for how good you make her feel.   During the date make sure you ask her questions about the things she loves, holidays, dreams, aspirations, stay away from talking ‘shop’, it’s not a job interview.

 6. Pay for the date.

Deep down women love it when a man pays, it shows you are responsible and she feels taken care of. If she insists you can split the bill however women often use this as a test. Remember you don’t have to go a chef’s hat restaurant all the time, there are plenty of really cute little venues that make a great first date impression.

7. If you like her let her know.

Tell her you’d like to see her again. If you’re too nervous, send her a quick text that you’d like to see her again is sufficient and keep the mystery alive.

So there you have it, 7 simple first date tips for men to make a lasting impression.


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