15 Tell-tale Signs You Have Found The One.

The quest to find the one is it’s on every one’s mind at some point, even the sceptics and yes, it is the same for both men and women.

Sometimes I think men think about it deeper than women after all they are the ones that end up proposing but that’s a whole different topic. So for the purpose of this exercise let’s stay focused because I know you must be super excited with what I am about to reveal.

The Secret Signs You Have Found The One!

The Secret Signs You Have Found The One!

The big question is how do you know when you have found the one?

If you throw that question at a party, you get a mixed response.

You should try it, it’s rather entertaining.

I was at a wedding and the groom said, “I knew Becky was the one when she could carry two cases of beers up two flights of stairs of our queenslander”.

I’ve heard a woman say if she could comfortably pass wind in front of her man she knew he was the one.

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Oh and my favourite chestnut of all time is Aunt Lilly, “Darling you just know”..

What?? If you just knew why they are soo many confused single people out there, wondering if they have ever met the one??

You’ve heard it all before, from the confusing insights from romantic comedies to reading glossy women’s magazines not to mention the advice from your beloved friends and family and it has all left you even more confused. Who should you listen to?

Take a deep breath because I’m about the show you what to look for and tell-tale sights you have found the one.

You Have Found The One!

You Have Found The One!

If you see these signs, then you are onto a good thing and I recommend taking the next step to securing your relationship.

1. Comfort is the Key. You know you’ve met the one when you can fully let your guard down and just hand totally comfortable. Be yourself. Yes, hanging out in your batman pj’s and oversized woolly jumper and talk about how you really feel and what you really think in a judgement free zone.

2. You want to be a better person. You know you’ve met the one when you inspire each other to be better person. You encourage each other to reach for the stars, you bring out the best in each other.

3. You accept each other for who you are. Yes, acceptance is key to knowing you are with the one. You’re not trying to change each other, you accept that maybe just maybe you don’t like his terrible taste in socks or that he doesn’t like your favourite handbag.

4. There is give and take. You know you have met the one when you both contribute to each other’s life. You both want to give to each other and make each other feel good.

5. If feels easy, you are best friends, and enjoy the simple things in life. You know you have met the one when you can relax, you can sit in silence and its ok, you can be yourself and speak your mind, and you can enjoy basic things together.

6. You trust each other. You know you’ve met the one when you could be on the opposite end of the world and just know that your relationship is solid. You trust each other to open up about your real needs and it’s all ok.

7. You want the same things in life. You know you’ve met the one when you are on the same path, your goals are similar. Having the same goals in life means as time goes on your relationship will grow stronger rather than apart.

8. You support each other through good times and bad. You know you have met the one when you need support, when times are tough and your partner is there for you, and when times are great, you are both celebrating together.

9. They are the first person you call. When something happens good or bad they are the first person you reach for and call, that’s when you know you have met the one.

10. You want to share new experiences together. You know you’ve met the one when you want to experience all life has to offer together, you want to try new things and relive some of your favourite experiences even try scary ones.

11. You want to make each other happy. You know you have met the one when their happiness matters to you, you want to make each other feel happy, and you listen to each other’s needs and wants and work on fulfilling them.

12. Honest and open. You know you have met the one when you can truly speak your mind, you can tell them when you are happy and when you aren’t you can talk about how something makes you feel without the fear of rejection.

13. You fight fair. Let’s face it, couples fight and it’s healthy for a couple to have some form of conflict but normally it only lasts a short time, you can laugh it off and come to a positive resolution. No extreme screaming and overly aggressive behaviour.

14. You have aligned values. You know you have met the one when you share compatibility when it comes to family, financial goals, lifestyle, fitness, drinking, smoking, alcohol even enjoying similar TV programs, movies and music plays a part. To check your compatibility try our free test http://bluelabellife.com.au/how-to-find-that-perfect-partner-sydney-melbourne/

15. You are best friends. Yes..best friends is key to knowing you have met the one. When you are best friends you can get through anything, its super special, it feels good, and it’s safe, comfortable and genuine. Having your partner as your best friend is priceless.

So there you have it, 15 tell-tale signs you have found the one. Now you have the secret, you and implement it and have a happy life!



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