Monthly Archives: February 2011

February 25, 2011

Are you too picky?

When looking for a partner, the best place to look is at yourself. No, I don’t mean stand in front of a mirror and hope the best, but think about who…

February 24, 2011

How do you know if you’ve met the one?

I hate this question. I hate asking it, and I hate the answer I receive from happy couples. You know the one. “You just know”. What kind of help is…

February 23, 2011

28 days, four weeks, one month. That’s all it takes.

No matter how long you’ve been single, I truly believe anyone can find the partner of their dreams in 28 days or less. I know what you’re thinking; Woah woah,…

February 23, 2011

The three date rule

Calling all single men and women, I have a challenge. Those of who you know me will know that my number one piece of advice when meeting someone for the…

February 9, 2011

Man drought: Revisited

Do you believe there is a man drought? Miranda, via email How can there not be? Look around. There are men everywhere! At every bar, club, social event and singles…

February 9, 2011

Is Mr Big a waste of time?

Sarah Jessica Parker had one. Have you? Mr Big is painted as a knight in shining armour. A successful, emotionally unavailable man that fills SJP’s life with hope and adventure,…

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