Monthly Archives: May 2014

May 21, 2014

“Make Rejection History and Learn The Secret To Creating Chemistry With The Man or Woman Of Your Choice”

Imagine if you could make rejection a thing of the past! Imagine if you could create intense chemistry easily and effortlessly with the man or woman of your choice? Imagine…

May 9, 2014

First Date Tips: The Biggest Dating DONT’S

When you’re on a date, it’s important to be yourself, be authentic and take the time to connect with your date. Most important of all is to make a good…

May 8, 2014


It is inevitable for people to grow up and be confronted by changes in the different aspects of their lives. People who find the maturity to listen to these changes…

May 6, 2014

First Date Guide: Stepping Out On A First Date.

First dates can either be as dreamy as a storybook or as frightful as a trip to the dentist! So what are the best moves to make sure the night…

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