22 First Date Questions that are winners!

Are you stuck on ideas or a bit nervous about going on your first date?

What are you going to talk about? These conversation starters are fantastic and are all you need to keep the chatter running smoothly.

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Memorise these, write them down, have cheat notes, but whatever you do, use these. You can thank us later!

1) What are your hobbies? OMG, this is such a great question as it opens the door for so much. Just imagine you have the same hobbies.

2) Do you prefer indoors or outdoors? If she or he is an outdoors person, then you might be as well.

3) What’s the latest movie you’ve seen on Netflix? Everyone watches Netflix so that you can discuss all the TV shows and movies on there. It’s a massive conversation starter.

4) What pets have you had? Are you a dog or a cat person? Who doesn’t love animals and this is a huge topic the both of you can talk about.

5) Where have you travelled? Travel is perhaps the most comfortable conversation starter, and you might want to throw in where you would like to travel to post COVID?

6) What’s your favourite food? Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian……the list is endless. Maybe choose a cuisine for your next date!

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7) What would be your dream job? They might love their job, so be careful to bring this up as they might very well be in their dream job. But if they say they don’t like their work, ask this.

8) What music do you like? Again, this opens up lots of scope for conversation, especially if you’re dating in your 20’s and 30’s as music plays a massive role in their lives.

9) What do you do to unwind after work? Swimming, the beach, going for a walk, cook a fabulous dinner…..there are so many things you can discuss here.

10) What would be the best city to live in? Are they from Sydney or Melbourne, or are they from somewhere overseas? In any case, fantasising about far off cities is excellent to keep the conversation flowing nicely?

11) What would you do if you won the lottery? Now, who doesn’t fantasise about this?

12) What’s the worst airline you have flown? We have all had disaster airline experiences.

13) What’s your favourite cocktail? Or are you a beer person? If you’re at a bar why not buy the cocktail?

14) What did you do last summer? Did you go away or stay locally?

15) Are you a beach or mountain person? They should like one or the other. If they’re into the beach, why not talk about your favourite beaches nearby ( in you live in Sydney ).

16) What’s the silliest fear you have? Spiders, small spaces, public speaking, snakes, flying. You will find someone who always has some fear.

17) What nicknames have you had throughout your life? This is a great one and should provide a few laughs and break the ice.

18) What’s a ridiculous thing you’ve done because you were bored? Maybe they ran 10 km or went on a crazy shopping spree? Who knows unless you ask.

19) Do you get along with your siblings? You can learn a bit about their brothers or sisters.

20) How would your friends describe you? You may also have to tell him or her what your friends would say about you. Try to keep this light-hearted.

21) Where did your parents take you on holidays when you were younger? Hawaii, Bali, Europe or Asia. These are good memories, and they’ll be happy to chat about them.

22) Who is you’re best friend? You can also tell them about your best friend and what they are like.

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