5 Killer Questions to ask your Matchmaker

Engaging a matchmaker isn’t a sign of defeat. It’s nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. It doesn’t mean that your love life is hopeless or you have failed. What it does mean is that your prepared to take control of your love life, your personal life and that you’re prepared to be pro active and do something about it.

It shows that you understand your situation, it shows that you’re mature enough to appreciate the help of a professional person who understands what your going through and what your looking for in the next stage of you’re life. You might be a divorcee, someone recently out of a relationship, new to the dating game or just want your privacy. Whatever your circumstances in life your now ready for a matchmaker!

Using the services of a matchmaker is just the beginning in your journey to find love and if your serious about finding someone to share your life with and are ready to commit to the matchmaking process then following are:

5 killer questions to ask your matchmaker before you start the process


# 1: What type of members do you have on your database?

If you’re an executive on a high income or a successful business person, your going to want to meet someone on your level. An equal. Someone you can make an immediate connection with and have a decent conversation with. So, you should be asking your matchmaker if they have professional, educated single men and women on their database?

# 2: Can you see the profiles and the photos of the singles before you meet with them?

This is really important as you do not want to be going on a blind date. You actually want to be able to see the picture of the person before you meet with them to see if there would be some type of physical connection.

This is really vital as you need 2 elements when meeting someone initially, you have to like their personality and their looks. For a first meeting you need both of these to combine if there is any chance of this succeeding. This is why you need to see a photo of the person before you meet with them!

# 3: How many introductions will I be getting for your fee?

Some matchmakers and dating agencies will offer unlimited dates but this may be a type of scam to get you to sign up. Watch out for this type of sales pitch, as the reality of getting unlimited dates is quite rare. It’s best to go with a matchmaker that can offer you a certain number of introductions over a 12-month period.

# 4: What follow up procedures do you have following the introductions?

Ideally, you want your matchmaker to call you up after the date to see how it went. You’d also like to know what, if any, feedback there was from the person you met. Communication is critical and it doesn’t get more critical than the dating game as human emotions are involved. So ask your matchmaker how often they intend on staying in touch with you.

# 5 Lastly, you should ask about the frequency of the introductions.

You do read some horror stories online about matchmakers who will give 1 date every 6 months and never stay in touch with the person. It tarnishes the industry and gives most matchmakers a bad name. It’s a good idea to see if you can be introduced to someone new every couple of months. That is, if you are still available. In most cases your matchmaker will have introduced you to someone who you click with and this will take you off the market. Also, see if you can put your membership on hold while your seeing this person if you haven’t exhausted your dating quota.

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