7 Great Winter Date Ideas

Winter is hitting  and the chill factor is high, but that does not mean your love life can’t be smoking hot.

winter date ideasDating in winter can be difficult and it might seem like the best thing to do is curl up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn a cheesy movie and your main man, but don’t let the colder months turn you into a hermit. You can still have great dates that will keep you both engaged, excited and completely in love.

Here are 7 great winter date ideas:
1. Ice Skating
Why not embrace the cold, grab a beanie and head to your local ice rink? Not only will you have a ton of fun slipping and sliding together, you can also enjoy the challenge of learning something new (for those who are inexperienced). If you want to add an extra level of romance to the date then head down the Bondi’s Winter Magic event in June where you can skate on Bondi beach at sunset with a cup of mulled wine in your hand and your loved one by your side. Perfection!

2. The 900 Steps
Who said winter was the time to hibernate? Why not get active? Get the blood pumping by tackling Echo Point’s 900 steps in the Blue Mountains. Breathtaking views, great for fitness, fights off the cold and if you think ahead you can fit it into a weekend away at a cosy B&B. Tackling a challenge together is a great way to strengthen bonds, become more intimate and all that exercise will leave you bursting with endorphins.

3. Bowling and Beers
There’s nothing like some good clean fun to put a smile on your dial and bring energy back to your relationship. Challenge another couple to a bowl off and get those competitive juices flowing. Enjoy the music, grab yourself a drink and cross your fingers that your ball doesn’t roll off into the gutter!

4. Golden Age Cinema Night
The movies are a classic date idea so why not spice it up a little by spending a night at Surrey Hill’s Golden Age Cinema. Get romantic watching a classic film in a beautiful venue. Winter is all about getting romantic so turn up the love whilst watching some of the most iconic love stories of all.

5. Games Night
Sometimes being trapped indoors is the perfect excuse you needed to hold a no prisoners taken games night! Grab your closest friends and hunker down for an evening of Pictionary, Monopoly, Cranium or any other blood pumping, cat calling, bet initiating night of mayhem! Not only will you have a bucket of fun but all that passion and competition is sure to get engines going in the bedroom!

6. Beach Bonfire
You might be under the impression that beaches are a summer activity but if this is the way you think then you are missing out on a seriously romantic date idea. Why not pack a little picnic, throw some blankets in the car and head down to one of Sydney’s more secluded beaches. As long as there are no prohibition signs then you a good to build yourself a little bonfire and get cuddly. Toasting marshmallows, sipping on wine and staring at the stars has never been more fun. Treat your significant other to a low key night of fiery heat and let’s not forget the bonfire!

7. Cooking Classes
There’s nothing like bad weather to make us head to the kitchen and cook up some comfort food. Instead of the old recipes though, why not try something new? Take your date to one of Sydney’s many cooking classes, from pasta making to fish de-boning there is something for everyone! Learn a new skill together, chow down on some innovative recipes and mix up your normal indoors afternoon to something a little special and a lot delicious.

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