Are you too picky?

When looking for a partner, the best place to look is at yourself. No, I don’t mean stand in front of a mirror and hope the best, but think about who you are. Think about your likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. Now think about the person you want to be. If these two people don’t match up, do something about it!

We all have negative traits, yet our vision of the “perfect partner” is usually one is full of… well… perfection.

too pickyThere’s nothing wrong with it. It’s ok to dream. It’s ok to believe in the possibility of perfection, but there comes a point when one can let this vision of marrying the modern day “Chosen One” cloud the road to happiness.

Here’s how to know if you’re being too picky: Write a list of everything you bring to a relationship. It may be positives or negatives, and anything from education, age, physical appearance or personality. Now write down everything you hope your dream partner will bring. If by the end of the exercise you find that your dream partner brings more to the table than you, then my friend, you are being too picky.

Truth is, every day you wait in hope for winning the proverbial “love lottery” and landing the one-in-a-billion Chosen One, is another day you will never get back. Truth is, the world is full of amazing people – people who walk in and out of your life each and every day.

Find a person, form a connection and allow them the opportunity to be your Chosen One. It’s the greatest gift you can ever give, and the greatest gift you will ever receive.

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