Bad boys: Whatcha gonna do?

I’d like to believe that I’m a nice guy, but it doesn’t seem to get me anywhere with relationships. Is it true that all women love bad boys? Should I start to treat women with no respect? It’s not in my nature, but I feel like there’s no other way.
Jacob, via email



Yes, it’s true that most women, at one point or another, look to the dark side. Bad boys ooze confidence, and confidence is a huge aphrodisiac. Bad boys also have a great sense of adventure. Life is never boring or mundane. They know what they want and they won’t stop until they get it.

The truth is, bad boys are challenging, and women love a challenge. From an early age we are taught if something is a challenge, the end result is worthwhile.

But here’s the punch line; have you ever heard a story about a woman actually marrying a bad boy? And if you have, has the relationship not ended in complete disaster? All women know bad boys have an expiry date.

So take a leaf out of the bad boy book. Keep her guessing, Stay busy, go mountain biking, go to the gym play sport, spend time with your friends and family. Always project confidence, be decisive, unpredictable and confident, but do so in a way that keeps your integrity intact.

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