Balding Barry

I’m only 28 and I’m going bald. I hear most women love a man with a good head of hair. What should I do? I am considering plugs. As shallow as it sounds, I feel like my life with women is over if I don’t!
Barry, via email

Barry, you’re not alone. In fact, over 70% of men experience some form of balding around this age. Life is far from over. Lots of women love bald men. Think Vin Diesel or pro surfer Kelly Slater. Sure, Vin may need to wear a bra to keep that enormous chest intact, but he has no shortage of women.

Balding Barry

Studies show that women find bald men to be a great deal more loyal than their hairy counterparts. A friend of mine shave’s his head on purpose because he likes the look, and so do women. Admittedly, he does it to cover up the greys, but hey, he’s 51 years old with a wife 15 years younger, and she loves it, too! So embrace your genes. Be bold. Go for the shave, get super fit, adopt a new image, and the girls will come running. You may find your newfound smoothness translates to other parts of your life!

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