Three reasons why you should make the first move TODAY!

Did you ever feel like waiting for something that’s never going to happen? And you end up moping around asking yourself why? And you end up with formulating conclusions, which just brings you down with the process!First move

Perhaps you need to take a leap and make a change, perhaps all you got to do is just try. Yes ladies, I am talking about making the first move. Stop associating yourself with the talked about, allegedly women’s logic that says: “when a woman likes a guy, she does nothing and expects the guy to magically make the move”. Sounds familiar right? Because we are all guilty of this, maybe the society or the media had etched in the idea that women should never make the first move, women should just wait and wait and wait.

Well I am telling you now, I am declaring to you ladies, that you can make the first move starting today! Here are the three reasons why you should make the first move TODAY!

1.Confidence spells Attractive

Be bold. A confident woman knows her worth and is self-assured. Confidence is the new sexy so I have heard! I bet most men want their women strong and daring. Believe me when I say, making the first move is empowering!

2.Avoid Waiting in Vain

So you like him? Go ahead and make the first move, introduce yourself, spark an interesting conversation and perhaps exchange numbers. Right there and then you will know if he is also into you by observing his body language or how he responds to you. If he is not interested then move on, a little rejection won’t hurt, at least you don’t get stuck with what ifs or could have beens. You made a move and avoided waiting, because you will never know until you try. Ladies, you have to consider that men sometimes get shied away too.

3.Don’t Miss a Wonderful Opportunity

Just do it! It might be risky, it might be scary but then again, you will never know until you try. You can always choose to sit around and wait but why choose something unproductive and possibly miss a chance with a partner you have been wanting to be with? There will always be a voice in your head that will keep on haunting you as to why you did not try at all. And hey, it’s not like you are baring your soul for the whole world to see, a simple and sweet “hi” might be enough, imagine that two-letter word create a magnitude of an impact in your life if something actually would happen. But then again, you will never know unless you try.

We are all scared of rejection, men and women alike. But according to Dr. Steve Maraboli, a keynote speaker about Behavioral Science that every time you think you are being rejected from something good, you are actually being redirected to something better!

So ladies, with that thought in mind, would you make the first move today?

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