Another Blue Label Life Baby Is Born!

A big Congratulations to Nicole and Chris on the birth of their bouncing baby boy!!

This morning at Blue Label Life headquarters we were delighted to open our inbox and find a gorgeous photo of a beautiful baby boy cradled in the arms of his parents.

Both mother and baby are doing extremely well and daddy well he is over the moon!

bunney baby
Isn’t he just the cutes thing you have ever seen? :)

So beautiful. I can’t stop staring at him. That first moment that you hold your own child is the most magical moment you will ever experience. It feels soo good!

We are so happy to see this incredible couple fulfil their dream of having a family.  And we are absolutely delighted with the opportunity to introduce these two amazing individuals.

Thanks to our head matchmaker Robyn Nind, this couple have found true love!!

Nicole and Chris are the ultimate power couple, and share a true connection that would make any hopeless romantics heart melt.

Seeing a couple so happy like this, this is exactly what makes a Blue Label Life matchmaker spring out of bed in the morning.

Chris an incredible man, extremely eligible bachelor.

Great lifestyle, successful business, great athleticism, amazing personality. He is fun, has a positive outlook on life and is such a go getter, did I mention great sense of humor?

Yet there was missing something in his life when he came to Blue Label Life.

That ‘something’ was a beautiful wife and a family.

As a high achiever Chris knew that to accomplish success in life it made sense to outsource to the experts.

Long story short, he was introduce to a soft feminine family orientated stunning woman Nicole.

Nicole, a well-travelled Pharmacist,  with a playful personality and so much love to give. This passionate, witty and intelligent, down to earth woman knew what she wanted.

A good man who would one day make a great husband and father.

Nicole had ticked most of all life’s goals, and family was next on the cards and that is why she turned to Blue Label Life to extend her network and get connected with a man who shared the same values and had similar goals and wanted the same things out of life.

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You know the most gorgeous thing about this couple is that they both are very down to earth. They embrace the moment, each other and life. They have such deep love for each other’s, it’s almost as though your reading a romantic novel.

Chris and Nicole are proactive and when they want something they make it happen.

In less than a year they both went from single, to engaged, married and having a baby.

Some might think wow that was quick, but the reality is when you know you just know.

Time is precious, time is something you never get back.

This story is very common in Blue Label Life, couples make things happen at their own pace.  Couples who make their own rules and follow their hearts.

Call me a hopeless romantic, I believe in taking charge of your life.

After all when you take charge of your life it feels good, it gives you power, control and a great sense of satisfaction.

I come from a family or romantics.

My parents were married after 3 weeks of meeting each other and they were together for over 50 years. It was a case of, “till death do us part”.

My sister married after 3 months, of knowing her husband and four kids many many years later they are blissfully happy.

So you make up your own rules. You know what is right for you.

Take a deep breathe, focus on what you want, and every day take a step towards your goal.

It’s the little things you do that make all the difference.

You can have it all. You really can.

Till next time.

Sending you all love and happiness!



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