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Cleo – The New ‘Cougar’?

Demi and AshtonThere’s a new cat in town, according to American entrepreneur and author Donna Estes Antebi.

In her new book, The Real Secrets Women Only Whisper, Antebi has dubbed the term ‘Cleo’ as the next phase in the highly publicised ‘Cougar’ phenomenon.

Inspired by Cleopatra, former ruler of Egypt, Cleos are smart, powerful women who are sought after by men from all demographics for not only their looks, but also their ability to proverbially ‘bring home the bacon’.

“It looks as though the cougar craze has evolved to the next level,” says Samantha Jayne, director of Australian matchmaking company, Blue Label Life.

“Cleos are everywhere,” said Ms Jayne. “Think Oprah Winfrey, Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock, even our very own Tara Moss. These women a different from other cougars in the sense that they have more going on than just their looks.

The rise of the Cleo could not have come at a more appropriate time in the dating world. A recent survey by American based AARP Magazine has revealed almost one third of women aged 40-69 are dating younger men at least ten years their junior.

“The tides have turned,” said Ms Jayne. “Successful women may have to start protecting their pockets from the new generation of gold-digging trophy husbands.”

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