Congratulations to our newly-engaged Couple!

I woke up this morning ready to take on the day and strike cupid’s bow. After my morning walk on the beach, as I always do, I made my way to the city.

As I walked toward the office, I passed an amazing beauty clinic in the city. For some strange reason, I felt a bit cheeky and decided to take a peek inside.

Was this a sign?

As I walked in I was greeted by a gorgeous young woman, sparkling eyes, incredible skin.  She had an “in love” glow about her. I spoke to her about facials and skin care range and commented on her stunning engagement ring. It was stunning an antique style ring. We got chatting, as girl do.

Long story short, this beautiful woman is a newly engaged as a result of Blue Label Life!

This gorgeous woman had met her husband to-be at our latest event held in June, at the Verandah Bar! She was so delighted and by all accounts, the gentlemen was smitten! It was a quick engagement because the two knew instantly and figured, why wait?

So a big thank you to the gorgeous couple that attended our event!

Thank you for the gift of sharing your news of your engagement! It’s news like this that makes a matchmakers heart skip a beat!

On behalf of the Blue Label Life team with we wish the happy couple (whose names will not be revealed for privacy reasons) the very best in the future!

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