How to Create A Standout Dating Profile As A Woman

Your dating profile  has the potential to ensnare your perfect mate or send him running for the hills.

Your dating profile requires attention and careful editing and should present you in the most favourable light possible. Essentially they are a sales pitch and you are the product.

So how do you create a standout dating profile that will help men see you as Mrs. Right and ensure you are nailing your first impression?

dating profile

1. Tap into your feminine powers!
Biology dictates that men are attracted to femininity and vulnerability. Their need to provide for and protect their mate is innate; therefore these traits are something they look for.
Don’t be mistaken, this does not mean there are looking for weakness or insecurity! Men find confidence incredibly attractive; they are looking for a woman who is strong and self-assured on the inside and who is warm and inviting on the outside. Your femininity is a very powerful tool and promoting it will work in your favour.

2. Choose your photo strategically
Men are visual creatures who will go straight to your photo before they read any of its accompanying text.
Make sure the picture you choose reflects who you are in addition to being inviting and again feminine. If you are looking for a long term relationship don’t go for the cheap cleavage shot and don’t depict yourself in compromising situations eg. Consuming a large amount of alcohol, with a lot of other men or behaving offensively.

Think about the message your photo is sending and chose it accordingly.

3. Don’t Over share
You may have four cats and you might enjoy a night in crocheting and watching The Kardashians but he doesn’t need to know that… at least not yet. Remember this profile is your first impression so aim to impress and engage.

You can talk about achievements and accomplishments and your passions but when it comes to your more eccentric side save that for a second or third date.

4. Avoid the Negativity
It is highly likely that you don’t want someone who is twenty years older than you or who lives with their mother or who collects and decorates military figurines…but there is a way of saying that without sounding like a Negative Nancy.

Even if the men viewing your profile do fit your criteria they will find your negativity unattractive and assume that you are high maintenance. Be positive, outline what you love, send out positive energy and accept positive energy in return.

5. Differentiate Yourself
How many profiles have you read that open with, ‘Hi my name is Amy, I am a vet and I love my job!’? That’s right, hundreds of them. Find a way to differentiate yourself from all the others. While being a vet and loving your job is great you need to find a way of presenting your information in a way that both engages and enthrals the reader.

Why not try, ‘Hi I’m Amy, I just finished helping a gorgeous Labrador birth seven adorable puppies, and last night I set a parakeet’s broken leg, did I mention I’m a vet?’ An opener like that will be hard to forget.

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