The Five Best Original First Date Ideas in Sydney

Thinking of an original first date in Sydney can seem like a challenge but it is not as difficult as you might think!

A first date has the potential to be really fabulous, really forgettable or really memorable but for all the wrong reasons. Dating in Sydney can be a nightmare but if you are able to pick a killer first date location then you might be in with a chance. Why not surprise that special someone with a great original first date idea?
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If you’re dating in Sydney try:
1. The Aquarium
The aquarium is a great first date location, the two of you can meander through the underwater world using the mesmerizing aquatic animals as talking points and swapping childhood stories on fishing trips, beach holidays or interesting fishy facts. Having a spectacle to enjoy together takes the pressure off conversation and enables you to learn about each other gradually in a super fun and stress free environment. Use your first date to get back to your childhood and have fun!

2. A Stand Up Comedy Gig
You may not think that a standup comedy gig would be a good first date idea with the potential for different senses of humour, shockingly bad comics or drunken heckler but think again. If you have asked someone out, chances are you know a little about them and if you both love to laugh why not go somewhere to laugh together? A reputable venue such as The Comedy Store in Sydney’s East or The Laugh Garage in Sydney’s West are both reputable venues with a huge range of shows on throughout the week. Why not grab a beer pull up a chair and either laugh along with the comics or wait until after to laugh together at them. Either way it’s a great start to a relationship.

3. Teppanyaki
One of the main concerns people have on a first date is that conversation isn’t going to flow or there might be awkward pauses. If you are dodging flying egg, catching stay prawns and protecting your eyebrows from bursts of flames then you can rest assured that awkward pauses will not be an issue. Why not show your adventurous gastronomic side by taking your date to Teppanyaki. Exploring Sydney’s culinary underbelly is a guaranteed way to form a connection, creating memories and definitely develop some hilarious in jokes. Score! Try The Wharf Teppanyaki in Darling Harbour if you want to enjoy a post dinner romantic stroll or The Rocks Tepanyaki for a private table for a more intimate atmosphere.

4. Bowling
Maybe not the most original date idea but bowling is a classic! Everyone has done it at least once in their life, it is guaranteed fun regardless of your skill level and it allows you to cozy up to your date for any ‘teaching’ or ‘demonstrating’ opportunities. You can stick to one of the well known venues like Strike Bowling at Darling Harbour and maybe throw in some lazer tag or you can mix it up at The Standard Bowl where they have live music and a big bar! Either way pressure is off and formality flies out the window – there’s nothing like a little competition to get the blood pumping.

5. Kayaking or Rowing
Water sports may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I don’t know of anyone who would say no to relaxing in a boat or kayak while they get rowed down a beautiful river or across a lake. You can make the day even more romantic by taking a little picnic or some wine and cheese. Yes you are alone with a person in a boat but if you really like them you are providing yourself with the perfect opportunity to get to know someone and give them your undivided attention. Great places in Sydney to grab a boat are at Audley in the Royal National Park and also The Lane Cove National Park where you can find picnic tables, plenty of nature and the clam lapping of water.

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