Are you dating one of your parents?

Ever wondered what mysterious force drives us into the arms of one person, while pushing us away from another?

daddy issuesThe biggest reason we develop a type is largely due to our parents. Cringe all you like, but it’s true.  Ladies, the first man you ever fell in love with has a huge impact on the future, and boys, mum’s the word for you!  While this is great for some, it’s incredibly difficult for others.

Fathers influence every woman’s feelings about men.  If a father is cold and absent, his daughter will more than likely be physically drawn to an emotionally absent partner. This is extremely common with girls dating bad boys. Lucky for some, they realise they will never get anywhere with a bad boy and bounce between the good and bad boys until they finally work out that they need a balance of both.
If a daughter has a warm and loving relationship with a father that’s very supportive, she will feel good about herself and be attracted to a more nurturing partner. This woman has the easiest road to travel. She often marries young and has a very balanced healthy relationship.

Similarly for men, mothers leave an indelible impression on their sons. If a mother is warm and giving, as an adult, the man falls in love with a warm, giving woman. On the other hand if your mother is a strong, even tempered woman, you are more likely to seek a partner with similar qualities.

So if she is warm and kind, her sons are going to think that all women are that way. They will likely grow up warm and responsive lovers who are cooperative around the house.
If a man grows up with a negative outlook, it’s likely that his mother who with a volatile personality. In other words, sometimes she was friendly, but she also had the propensity to suddenly turn cold and rejecting. A man who grew up scared about receiving love and affection from his mother is more likely to be afraid of commitment.

Your choice of partner also involves other factors such as similar social similarities, For instance, a similar education background, career goals families very much like our own.  We generally are attracted to someone similar to us. It’s what we are most comfortable with. Can you relate?

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