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How To Find & Keep A Man

Uncover the Secret to Making a Man Want to Commit to You, and Only You!

Are You Searching for the Secret to Not Only Keeping a Man Totally infatuated, But Making Him Feel That He Never Wants to Leave? Then join us for Your FREE SECRET Women’s Business Gift valued @ $97 from Blue Label Life…shhhhhh

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What if you could have the knowledge and power to know how to find a man and what it takes to trigger him to fall in love with you?

What if you could have the amazing relationship you have always wanted, a connection so intense that you felt safe, secure and deeply loved?

What if you could understand the male mind, and learn the secret to keeping him committed to you?

Well, now you can!

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Hi, I’m Samantha Jayne, Dating Coach, Relationship Expert, and founder of executive dating site, Blue Label Life.  I’m a trained coach and certified matchmaker.  I’ve spent years studying psychology, human behaviour, and the power of masculine and feminine energy and their impact on relationships. I’ve complemented this wealth of knowledge with my behavioural profiling tools to help you understand the commitment code.

I’ve literally interviewed thousands of men and learnt the truth about what makes a man fall in love and commit to you forever.  You’ll be surprised – it’s not what you think!

Through my date coaching, matchmaking, elite dating products, workshops, and e-Books, I have helped thousands of women transform their success with men, easily and effortlessly in an instant. They’ve not only had success with how to find a man, but how to keep a man too.

In this webinar, I’m going to help you transform your love life, giving you confidence to bring your man closer to you, connect with you, fall in love with you, and have the relationship you have always dreamt of.  Sound amazing? There are limited spaces, so be quick to secure your spot below:

This webinar isn’t just for women. Men, you can also learn a thing or two about love and long-term relationships by attending. By understanding the effort that your woman is putting into your relationship and trying to connect with you, you’ll truly see how she feels about you, making your future together more clear.


Let’s have a date night on Wednesday 8th October, 7pm to 8pm AEDT.

Samantha Jayne is here to help women around the world to overcome their challenges, so they can live awesome lives and experience incredible and deep loving connected relationships.

We have opened the gates of love for you.

Join me and be a part of my exclusive FREE once off date coaching inner circle. Book Your Webinar Seat Here

Dating Facts. Did You Know?

  • Women, aged between 25 to 45yrs, unconsciously self-sabotage relationships and deny themselves of what could potentially be an amazing romance and intimacy with someone special.
  • Women tend to live with unnecessary pain and as a result, develop behavioural patterns that scare men away. Learn what the 10 most fatal mistakes you could be making are!
  • Women would rather take control of their lives than to be under control of someone else; if only they knew the secret strategies to take control again.

Dating 101. How Would You Like To…

  • Take control of your love life again?
  • STOP making the same fatal mistakes that push him away and be irresistible to men.
  • Reclaim Your Femininity – what is rightfully yours and learn how to keep a man

Are you tired of existing in an ordinary life and keep wondering what else is there for you in life? Would you want an amazing and loving relationship filled with passion and a deep loving connection that you deserve?

Samantha Jayne, Dating Coach and Relationship Expert, is highly sought after globally and is here to help you transform your dating and love life. For a limited time only, she will reveal the secrets to making a man fall absolutely head over heels in love with you and the secret to getting commitment.

Remember to Book Date Night:


FOCUS CALL: “The Secret to Not Only Keeping a Man Totally infatuated, But Making Him Feel That He Never Wants to Leave”.
When: Wednesday, 8th October, 2014.
Time: 7 – 8pm AEDT
Where: comfort of your own home.
Cost: FREE normally valued at $97


Limited places apply, be quick to register.

We will also be supplying copies for those of you who would can’t make it Wednesday. They will be available for 48 hours after the call. Share the love with your friends. Go on… Jump on Facebook, Twitter, or SMS and spread the word. Save the date!!!

Feel free to ask questions now, so we can answer them during our Q & A session.

To Your Love and Happiness,


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  • I could never have expected to meet someone who is so perfect for me. We are truly soul mates and more importantly best friends.

    Katie & Simon

  • I couldn't have asked to meet a more fun and genuine guy in John... he is special :)


  • It's been the most marvellous six months with Amanda. She's moved up to live with me and just last week said yes to marrying me! Thank you with all my heart.


  • We moved in together last week and have some serious long term plans for the future. She is a truly amazing woman and I love her very much.


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