What Men Want in a Woman

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You’ve been on several dates, seen several men, and had a few relationships that unfortunately never turned into anything substantial— you begin to think that the fault is simply on your end. You badger yourself with questions like “What’s wrong with me?” or “Why can’t I find the right guy?” or “What have I been doing wrong?”.   Read on and learn what men want in a woman.

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In order to attract the male population, there are a few things that a woman might consider including in her arsenal. Here is the list of things men would want in their woman— from men themselves.

                Confidence. Men tend to go after women who have a strong sense of self and she exudes it in the way she dress, the way she speaks, the way she interacts with others. She doesn’t allow physical appearance or social status to define her. She is who she is and is damned proud of it. Men love it when their woman can hold their own in any circumstance.  Men really want confidence in a woman.

                Genuineness. Not only men appreciate women who are real with their appearance, but also women who are real with who they are. No need to pretend that you are into the things that they are. Some men have an inclination towards flawed women, because nothing intimidates men more than a seemingly perfect woman. So ditch your mask and let the real you shine. You can only hold up a façade for so long. Men really want a woman to be genuine.

                Beauty. Men are visual creatures, so it is just natural to assume that they’d go after women who fall into the conventional definition of beautiful. But beauty for most men is beyond skin deep actually. Before you beat yourself up to fit into mainstream beauty, you can rest assured that real beauty emanates from within. And that beauty arises from a woman’s kindness and sterling personality. A real man would see beauty that way, at least. Men want a woman to express her inner and outer beauty.

                Passion. Passionate women know what they want and are driven to attain those things. Their goals in life are defined by meaning and the values they hold. Men find self-driven extremely sexy and responsible. It means that their woman has a life of her own and doesn’t let the dictate of society carry her through the tides. She creates her own course in life. More importantly, a passionate woman is also a very supportive partner— men love it when their woman is on their side.  Men want a woman to be passionate.

                Strength. Although men like their women to occasionally depend on them, men also like to be able to depend on their women. A resilient character gives a man the room to breathe and not always be pressured to hold all ends of the relationship. They want a reliable woman who can handle their frailty and vulnerability, not a woman who’d chide them for being weak at times.  Men want their women to be strong yet feminine.

                Intelligence. Getting off just by your looks can only get you through high school. In the real, adult world,  a smart woman is more captivating to a man than someone who is just plain beautiful on the outside but totally hollow and shallow on the inside. It’s a total turn-on when a woman can stand a witty banter, or carry a sensible conversation, or generally knows or figure her way around things. Men want intelligence in a woman.

                Sensuality. You don’t have to be a supermodel to attain a level of sensuousness. It’s a matter of attitude, really. Men love women who embrace their femininity and sexuality and take advantage of the two in order to bring pleasure and excitement to both partners in the relationship. Women who are afraid to express their sensual side are often translated by men into women who care more about how they look rather than how their partners make them feel.  Men want a sensual woman.

                Honesty. Women demand it from men all the time. It is quite justified that they would require the same in women. He needs to be able to trust his woman because nobody ever likes being lied to anyway. All men want a woman to be honest.

                Unmaterialistic. Even if your man is super wealthy, women should not expect their man to be a mine of gold. If he wants to treat you like royalty, let him do so. But never pressure your man to provide for all your luxuries. If you give them free reins on how to impress you, you might be surprised by what they can do. Besides, only shallow and worldly women are brought by material things. But they won’t buy you love. Men want a woman to be unmaterialistic.

                Laid-back but fun. At the end of the day, men will be men. Every now and then, they’d like to cash in on some fun and enjoy manly activities. And they would appreciate it immensely if their woman could ride in on their interests. You don’t have to agree to playing video games or doing extreme sports all the time, but a little spontaneity goes a long way in attracting a man. Most of all, men want a woman to be fun.

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