Are Men Intimidated By Successful Women?


                Self-confidence is essential to any woman’s essence. It’s the ultimate day-to-day accessory every woman should have. Mastering one’s confidence can boost a woman’s quality of life, career, and relationships. In the past, assertiveness and decisiveness were unheard of in women but with the evolving society, these traits are more become more pronounced among the female population as gender equality has reached an all-time high.Are Men Intimidated By Successful Women?

Is this shift in confidence actually good for women? Nowadays, women are brave enough to challenge the status quo and question established norms. They are no longer seen as dependent on men— they can hold high and powerful positions in companies and politics, earn as much as men or even more, or work in jobs previously monopolized by men. But has women empowerment gone overboard? Is it so much so that women nowadays are out to prove that they are the stronger sex? Is this more of a destructive behavior than a productive one? What is the dark side of building up too much confidence in women?

Having confident is essential in accomplishing things, but women who are overconfident with their capabilities and skills tend to take on a lot of tasks because they think they’re the only ones who can do them right. They can also be very persistent on certain things and be totally closed off on other ideas. Their overwhelming passion takes over everything and suddenly it becomes a one-woman show, putting up plenty of blind spots where others constructive opinions should be. The constant need to outdo others leaves them with the inability to form strong bonds with colleagues and is a huge turn off for men. I heard a great statement from Steve Hervey, “If a man doesn’t feel needed he will go elsewhere”. It’s so true.  Ladies, remember to stay connected with your inner girl, she is feminine, soft, she is vulnerable. When you connect with your inner you, you will feel the weight of the world come off your shoulders, you’ll be happier and you will be even more attractive to men. They will want to take care of you and deep down all women want to be look after to some extent.

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You can definitely be confident in all the right places without having to lose your edge. The best way to channel your confidence properly is to cultivate your mindfulness, curiosity, and courage. You end up making the right and better decisions. Letting go of too much reliance may take a lot of patience and courage, but you have to learn to keep your “know-it-all” behavior to a minimum. Actually, taking it at a stride sometimes allows you to have a better perspective of things and not miss out on creative solutions and unexpected opportunities.

A truly self-confident woman has a presence of mind and can adjust her way of thinking to bring things to her favor and not just deal with everything by being forceful. She is also a smart woman, able to harness her intelligence in analyzing themselves and the circumstances they are in before acting. After all, confidence is all about being assertive rather than aggressive; convincing rather than confusing; and calm rather than chaotic.

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