Attitudes are contagious: Is yours worth catching?

Attitude ConceptWe have all been around a complainer. It’s emotionally draining to say the least. But could actually be one of these individuals?

Think about it.

Do you find yourself complaining about things? The weather? Your lack of time? The lack of quality singles? Do you look for fault in things and take every opportunity to blame others even people that are helping you?

This negative attitude is sabotaging your happiness and love life. Lose it or you could end up single forever!

*Cue suspense music*

Want to found out how to be captivating individual with magnetic charisma and charm? Simply follow the steps below to ensure your attitude is in check!

  • Being captivating isn’t about looks or money. It’s about attitude. A positive attitude is incredibly sexy. No matter how rainy the day, look for the sunshine through the clouds.
  • Charismatic individuals make the people around them feel important. Actively listen to your date and acknowledge their needs. Give them a compliment. The smallest gesture will really make someone’s day!
  • Bring out your warm personality. Smile! Talk about things you love; your adventues, your holidays. Encourage your date to open up. Bring out your inner child. Be playful. If you’re a sour puss (i.e. complaining about the weather, your job, or the lack of quality singles), your date will most likely be polite but want to run away fast.
  • When you complain in front of your date, you may not realise it, but it’s a personal attack on that. They may be polite but trust me, they won’t think much of you after they leave. Being a princess is not attractive!
  • Relax. Let’s face it; everyone can get nervous at times. Try to relax yourself and you will relax those around you. Relaxed people are more attractive than highly strung stress heads.
  • Listen. People with great attitudes listen with an open heart. They take a genuine interest in others conversation.
  • Treat people as you want to be treated. Hold on to this final point, and you’re halfway there.
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