Australia’s greatest wingman is… a woman?

e14d2e83f5c825aa805ee41097dab7c6Flying solo is tough. What’s even tougher is recruiting a wingman who does nothing but jeopardize your mission to land the girl of your dreams – or at least the girl of your dreams that evening.

For years, man has been in search for the ultimate co-pilot; someone who can attract attention from the opposite sex, but not be so good-looking as to make all who stand in his shadow feel like Shrek; someone charismatic and confident enough to both create and hold conversation with complete strangers, but not so selfish as to block you out of it.

The best wingmen are selfless. They see the bigger picture and understand that sacrifices need to be made. Suicide missions must be staged. Standards need to be lowered. And most importantly, the old; “You take the best. I’ll take the rest” wingman motto applies at all times.

The quest to find such a person has been tough and like most things in life, the answer can be found with a woman’s touch.

Meet Samantha Jayne.

Unlike most women, Samantha spends her weekends creating (not destroying) opportunities for guys to land the girl they deserve. In fact, she’s made a career out of it.

Samantha is a private matchmaker and Director of Blue Label Life – Australia’s largest, most successful matchmaking agency.

What is matchmaking, you might say? Well, private matchmaking is part of a new wave of dating sweeping Australian shores – a wave that employs professionals to find partners.

“Matchmaking is like having a really well-connected friend,” said Ms Jayne. “Someone who knows a wide network of people; someone who knows which people you’d hit it off with; and like a wingman [or woman], this person is someone who goes through the effort of establishing that initial introduction.”

And it works.

Over 92 percent of Jayne’s clients enter a long-term relationship (six months or greater) or marriage as a result of her service.

“More and more people are moving away from pubs and clubs,” said Ms Jayne. “It’s too hard to come across as genuine in that environment.”

According to research commissioned by American-based dating website, 11 percent of newlyweds in the past three years met their partner as a result of a bar/nightclub. Alternatively, 62 percent of recent nuptials came as a result of an introduction from a friend, colleague or family member.

“If only more men knew there was an easier way to meet women,” said Ms Jayne. “How many single people do you know who would be willing to find a stunning, successful, compatible woman and introduce her to your mate?”

As they say, the quest to find such a person has been tough and like most things in life, the answer can be found with a woman’s touch.

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