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 The Gender Confusion!  According to Blue Label Life, Dating Expert Robyn Nind, there is a huge disconnect with it comes to romantic connections with men and women.

masculine and feminine energy

Everyone wants love.  Love is an essential basic human need, it is on the deepest human needs yet, it can be one of the hardest to fulfill.

With more choice than ever to expand networks, technically it should be easy and happening everywhere, but it isn’t.

Why is that despite all the extra options to meet people at our finger tips that love seems harder to find for some and single living is on the rise?

More and more busy professionals are coming to Blue label Life for Dating Coaching.

Why? The number one reason is the gender confusion.

When it comes down happy relationships the correct balance of masculine and feminine energy is of huge importance.

As more and more women climbing the corporate ladder and having to bring out all their masculine energy at work, the “off” button isn’t being switched in personal relationships. Women are forgetting to switch back into the most powerful energy available to them, the one thing that men don’t have and desire so most, “The feminine energy”.

As a result men and women are clashing needs are being met and connections are being lost.

Women are pushing men away unconsciously causing so much frustration and men are at a loss, they seek women and have an unconscious desire to needed to be wanted and unfortunately if they don’t feel wanted and that is why they go elsewhere.

I hear this statement time and time again from gorgeous intelligent professional women who come to Blue Label Life. “He left me for another woman, and married her shortly after. I trained him up for her”.

How do you know you’re in your masculine or feminine?

Masculine energy is active.  It exhibits strength, leadership, and rationality.  Feminine energy is passive.  It demonstrates emotions, feelings and creativity.

If you are competing with your man rather than working as a team you are in your masculine energy. If you take care of everything, then feel frustrated and the weight of the world on your shoulder you are in your masculine energy.

Try to counteract this masculine energy I always recommend to my Blue Label Life Date coaching clients to go back to simplicity. The basic is where connection starts communicate your needs, trust that your man will take care of things including you and learn to receive.

It’s important to engage both energy types, yet know when to make them work for you. At the end of the day its all about balance, it’s very much back to the old traditional yin and yang.

It seemed like a few years ago everyone had a personal trainer. Today more and more people are reaching out for a date coach. Blue Label Life Date coaches are professionally trained and certified.

The founder of Blue Label Life, Robyn Nind, regularly offer free on line date coaching to both men and women looking for love and to improve their success at dating or increase passion in their relationships.

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Blue Label Life has recently completed a Relationship Survey, It includes the biggest turn off’s, biggest turn on’s, reasons for break ups, average time of relationship, attitudes of sexual exclusiveness and answers the age old question – “Who should pay on a first date?” As well as the average time for the honeymoon period.

Blue Label Life offers a personalised and confidential dating service for successful time poor singles wanting to meet ‘the one.’ Setting them apart from other dating services, the exclusive Relationship Radar compatibility testing predicts the outcome of relationships once the honey moon period is over.

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The company offers a holistic approach including personal styling, fitness advice and personal coaching.

Blue Label Life offers, confidential and personal matchmaking and Date Coaching Services. The service allows high profile men and women to extend their network and meet eligible singles.



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