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cupidThere are so many people offering so many dating tips for men, it’s no wonder you’re all confused. Do you call? Do you text? Do you let her call you? Do you take her out to dinner? Do you take her some place unique and adventurous? And how do you dress? Casual, semi-casual, or do you go all out and suit up?
This is a message to all single men out there looking to meet a gorgeous, professional woman; the best dating tip I can offer you is to join a dating agency. The types of women you will meet through a dating agency is so different to what you’ll find using internet dating. They are attractive, intelligent professional women who know what they want. You won’t find them in bars and clubs because they are extremely selective and genuine about finding someone special. Agencies may even have a celebrity or two on their books!

Benefits of personal matchmaking for the single man:

Your private matchmaker has a wealth of knowledge of the dating realm. Not only do they know what you’re looking for, but they also know what you should be looking for. It’s a tough pill to swallow the day you realise that may have been looking for the wrong things in the wrong places, but it’s this kind of honest “tough love” that has ultimately led to countless happy couples all around Australia.

It’s true what they say; knowledge is power. And power certainly won’t harm you in your quest to find an amazing genuine, single woman to complete your life. Your private matchmaker takes a holistic approach to improving your dating skills. From providing the latest dating tips, to fashion trends, health and fitness advice, life coaching, even what to say on a date, you can rest easy knowing that cupid is on your side.

All in all, your personal matchmaker is your one-stop-shop to finding the one. They are your wingman (or wingwoman!), representing you in the best possible light, highlighting your strengths, and doing the hard work for you.

robyn nind - professional matchmaker

Robyn Nind is a dating coach and matchmaker at Blue Label Life. Robyn has helped countless singles find love and a partner.

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