Dating tips for single dads in Australia

2fed3482bfe7d8d9008284e3159d9c89.14So Dad, you’re single again. And after what seems like an eternity sitting on that lounge in front of the sports channel while balancing life as a single dad, getting used to doing all the cooking and housework and staying focused at work the time has finally come…. you are ready to get out there and start dating the single women of Australia.

Dating women as a single dad – what do you tell her?

Be honest and open to your date. Explain your situation. You now come as a package and the benefit is you have learnt something about yourself and know what you’re looking for in a woman and a relationship.

Tell your date briefly about your children, and how often you see them. It is important not to dwell on the subject as you are here to get to know your date rather than have a counselling session. Revealing too much will have her thinking you are not over your last relationship.

Qualities to look for in a woman as a single Dad – is she right for you?

As a single dad you will be more discerning about the style of lady you bring into your life. Be selective and consider the qualities that would complement you and your child.

Considerations to be taken into account when dating single women are:

1. Is she fun?

Fun is considered the number one aphrodisiac. Dating someone positive, outgoing and light-hearted will be a huge benefit to your life as opposed to someone overly serious and negative.

2. Is she child friendly?

You have a little person consider, will she be kind caring, patient and flexible or is she still heavily involved in clubbing and drinking excessively or incredibly self focused.

3. Is she patient and accepting of your child?

Children need love and affection is she warm and friendly, does she take an interest in your child or prefer not to have anything to do with your child.

4. Is she family orientated?

A family orientated woman would benefit your situation.

Introducing your date to your child as a single Dad.

As a single Dad you must consider your children’s feelings. When re-establishing your relationship ensure you take it slowly. Explain to your children why are you are dating. It’s important to eliminate their fears and anxieties and let them know they aren’t being replaced they are will always be number 1.

When you are happy with your new relationship tell your children about her. Once they are both ready to meet, introduce them.

Most importantly, when dating take the pressure off and have fun! Reflect on what it is that you have learnt from your previous relationship, leave any negatively behind you and look forward to your new life with your new partner.

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