How To Be Uber Successful In Your Career and Love

From Invincible to Irresistible discover how you can have it all be successful in your career and love!

How to attract a man when you have a successful career.

Successful powerful women have to overcome a huge range of diversity and challenges to ascend to their positions of CEOs, Managers, Directors and other high powered positions.

They have become supremely talented when it comes to breaking down gender stereotypes and with the glass ceilings. Why is it then that when it comes to the ultimate search, the search for love, these successful women are left wondering what they’re doing wrong?

It seems that these professional women are their own biggest obstacles in their search for love. Fulfilling their demanding professional roles requires women to take on a more masculine energy, tapping into their alpha side and asserting themselves within the workplace. Consequently the image they end up presenting is one of independence, strength, power and self-sufficiency, these are all great trait to posses however to a man they say one thing, ‘I don’t need you’. This is not the message you want to be sent to potential dates.

Unfortunately for these professional women, whilst they are tough and hardened on the outside they are still incredibly feminine and soft on the inside. This is the side that really attracts a man, men want to protect and provide for their women and as a result if he feels she can protect and provide for herself then he does not feel needed. Women have the potential for a beautiful duality, strong and vulnerable, this is a great thing. Men are not looking for a needy, clingy partner who is unable to be alone in the same way that they are not looking for a masculine, independent women who is detached and cold. Where these professional women need help is in leaving their work persona at work and allowing their softer feminine side to emerge when they are out meeting people, socialising and dating.

So what can these women do to assist with this transition from masculine to feminine energy? The first thing they can do is practice being in their feminine energy. Leave your business ventures at work and when you get home spend some time on yourself. Becoming more feminine has nothing to do with becoming weaker or more submissive and has everything to do with recognising your female power and celebrating what makes you different from men. Look at successful and feminine role models such as Nigella Lawson for inspiration. She is a powerful businesswoman who is also incredibly feminine and men adore her.

The second thing they can do is get in touch with a match maker or date coach, invest in yourself and learn the skills you may have abandoned when you focused your attention on your career. Look at the behaviour of friends, who are in happy relationships, examine how they interact and learn their secrets.

For single ladies get out there and socialise, have fun and enjoy meeting new people. Don’t approach men as co-workers or business associates, approach them as potential dates, make romance your goal. For those in couples make sure you are communicating both gratitude and affection, let him know he is loved and needed in the same way he does for you.

For many professional women who have tried applying these lessons and have made an effort to draw on their feminine energy, the impact has been monumental. Communication with existing partners and potential partners has increased and instead of approaching love as a merger woman are taking their corporate hats off, reaching into their softer sides and approaching love as an amazing opportunity that is made possible through delicacy and warmth.

Let your feminine side shine, be proud of what makes you different and be proactive in finding your man!

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Robyn Nind is a dating coach and matchmaker at Blue Label Life. Robyn has helped countless singles find love and a partner.

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