How to boost dating confidence


1.  Recognise that you are a hot ticket item!

Believe you deserve someone wonderful! It’s amazing how powerful positive thinking can brighten up your world and bring you success. Not to mention that positive people are considered very appealing.

2.  Pamper yourself.

Everyone loves a little renovation. New hair, clothes, shoes, fragrance or a massage? Go out and indulge in yourself. You deserve it.

3.  Treat yourself better.

You are an asset.  Start to value yourself. Eat healthy food, sleep more (you know you deserve it!), and exercise. Feeling trim, taught and terrific will naturally boost your dating confidence.

4.   Choose your friends wisely.

Get rid of nagging Nancy’s or Winging Wally’s. The last thing you need is someone that drags you down. Surround yourself with positive, supporting and uplifting friends. Uplifting friends will not only bring out the best in you, but boost your confidence and give you hope. Remember, you have a choice; be selective.

5.   Be confident.

The most appealing quality that both men and women seek is confidence. There’s just something so sexy about someone that’s sure of themselves.

6.   Follow your dreams!

Yes, this is all a part of dating. Follow your dreams and you’ill beam with passion. Passionate people are interesting; they vibrate positive energy and often have people always seeking their attention. Find your passion and start living life to the full!

7.   Try something new!

Whether it’s yoga, sky diving, skiing, visiting a health retreat, travel to a new destination or improve your skills in the kitchen. Whatever tickles your fancy.

8.   Plan.

Ok, so now you have your recipe to boosting your dating confidence, all you need is a plan of attack. No point sitting at home waiting for your date to knock down your door. Get out there and mingle. Try new events, a different mode of transport to work, join a social group, dating agency or sporting group.

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