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6372837a40b68476060dae00def6ecc4.14Learn the secrets of success with attractive single women – from a woman.

I am sure it has happened to you somewhere. Was it the girl in high school with the gorgeous smile? The amazing beauty at university with that cute laugh? Or maybe the goddess that you see each day in the lift on your way to work?  You can’t help but think of her. She fills your head as you fantasise about being close to her.

Perhaps the situation repeats itself time after time. You watch these wonderful women slip through your fingers and into the arms of another man!

Disappointing yes, however, rather than getting motivated to break the habit, you make like a hermit crab and crawl further into your shell.

Want to break that shy boy habit and be successful with beautiful women?

I’m about to share with you how to make this one-sided love form into a blissful union rather than a mere dream – or shall I say nightmare!

Lesson 1: Believe in yourself!

One of my favourite sayings is ‘fake it till you make it’! Picture this, you approach the woman full of nervous with insecure body language, stumbling over your words, staring into her amazing eyes with fear and a blankness followed by a mousey voice speaking a hundred miles an hour asking her about, wait a minute, you forgot, the weather or work?

Would you date that kind of person? Well….neither will she!

Scenario two, imagine approaching the woman as the king of the jungle. Ok maybe that’s going too far. But seriously, imagine being confident, assured, knowing that she is in good hands with you. You can then articulate your words, speak with a strong voice, speak slowly, leave her waiting for your next word and most importantly be mysterious.

Lesson 2: Be challenging!

Women love to look up to a man for something, whether it is your amazing charismatic personality, your sporting ability, your accomplishments at work, people skills, family values, your involvement in charity or your great sense of style or humour!

Make sure you take control of the situation, but at the same time be cheeky and confident. Women love a man with a great sense of humour, keep the conversation light and you will be sure to capture her attention!

Lesson 3: Keep her guessing.

If you are a challenge a beautiful single woman will feel a great sense of reward once she finally gets you. When a woman feels challenged she will feel more attracted to you. Always wait a few days before initiating contact, hours before replying to text and always have something interesting to say about your ever so exciting life!

Never underestimate the power of challenge and curiosity!

Lesson 4: Don’t reveal your infatuation

Try to ignore your feelings of infatuation and realise your obsession is often lust rather than love. Think about it. How could you love someone that you don’t even know?

So to prevent calling her every waking moment, keep busy! Stay in touch with your friends, take up a new challenge, sport, set new goals, women love a man with interests. Imagine telling her about your interesting life of surfing, martial arts, fitness, travel, design and architecture, musical passions, intellect rather than just the mundane of work and sleep! Women love a man that truly lives life with passion!

Learn to get over your fear of rejection and approach that woman on your mind.

Believe in yourself. Remember, if you feel no confidence fake it til you make it, she won’t know the difference. When approaching her always start with a light hearted ice-breaker, but never hang around for too long. Instead once the ice has broken walk away calmly and be mysterious.

Lesson 5: Remember, she doesn’t MAKE you happy

Don’t let your happiness be dependent on the outcome of your interactions with this woman. If you do, you it will ruin your chances before you can even begin. The more emotionally involved you become, the greater the chances of rejection.

Be cool, confident and persistent. There as hundreds and thousands of cases where men have been persistent and finally do capture that hard to get attractive woman!

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