Make Him Commit: The Secrets

He can act like he’s definitely in to you, which he may really be. But he’s the non-commitment type of guy, so you get frustrated and think you’ll never get him to commit.

That fact alone is fiction. Anyone can commit– it is something one decides to do. It’s not a feeling or emotion, it is something someone chooses to do. It can be controlled, a choice that anyone is very much capable of making.

The real fact is, you can get him to commit. It doesn’t involve elaborate scientific process. You just have to think about it practically. It’s very simple, really. Think about it like shopping? What makes you decide to purchase something at the store? Two things: you really, really like it and you’ve worked hard to earned it. It’s the same with men!

Blow his mind. He has to feel like he wouldn’t want to be without you. And you can only do this if he really enjoys your company and that he feels good about himself when he’s with you. He has to associate you with excitement, passion, and enjoyment. He has to be able to get something from you that he can’t with anyone else– and sex is out of the question because for all you know he can get it anywhere. Be yourself, but bring out your best game play to win him over.

Make him work for your affection. Being with you must feel like a privilege that he has to earn. He will value you more because he had to work hard to be with you. If you are easy, he won’t think you are worth it. This doesn’t mean you make a slave out of him, treat him coldly, or withhold your affection. Teach him how to treat you, and that is with respect. He has to be consistent with his efforts until he earns your trust and love. But be careful not to get clingy once he seems to back off because you make him work for your affection– you have to keep the ball in your court.

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Men love the chase, so you have to give it to them. They want to know that what they are going after is totally worth their time. A man will be more likely committed to someone they have invested in rather than someone who made it easy for them. Pique his interest by posing a challenge. If you wow him, he’ll keep coming back.

Before long, you’ll have him wrapped around your finger.

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