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Samantha Jayne: Australia’s dating expert

What separates dating expert pretenders from dating expert contenders? I sit down with Samantha Jayne, director of private matchmaking agency, Blue Label Life, to find out what it takes to become an Australian dating expert.

How it all began: The birth of a dating expert Samantha Jayne dating expert

After graduating from university with a degree in exercise science, Samantha followed her heart and began working with people. It was all about making a difference for Samantha, who from a young age, had a burning desire to help those who couldn’t find a way to help themselves. While many of us have idealistic dreams about putting on the proverbial cape and saving the world, few of us have the courage, drive and wherewithal to follow through.

Q. Talk to me about your first years following the completion of your degree. Did you make use of it?

Funnily enough, I actually did. I’ve always been passionate about health and fitness, but after I graduated, I developed a case of “oh-no-what-am-I-going-to-doing-with-my-life” syndrome. Over the next couple of years, I was fortunate enough to try my hand in a number of careers such as; fashion consultancy, life coaching and exercise physiology. While each had their good and bad days, in the end, I felt I was destined for something more.

After the encouragement of a dear friend, I decided to open my own personal training company. I really liked the idea of being my own boss, and I knew I had the drive to find success. Having my own company and the increased workload that came with it was certainly an eye-opener for me. Today, I take my hat off to every small business owner out there.

Many of my clients were time-starved professionals, and I quickly realised most had one thing in common; they were single! I mean, these people were lawyers, bankers, politicians, athletes, even celebrities – successful people in their own right – but when it game to the world of dating, they couldn’t fill the gap in their otherwise fulfilling lives.

The prodigy: The birth of a dating expert

Q. So you started passing down advice?

It wasn’t advice as much as it was perspective. I mean, even to this day, I don’t think anyone can call themselves a fully-fledged “dating expert”. It’s not like people study for years and obtain a doctorate of love. Those of us who do find success playing cupid do so by remaining grounded throughout the whole process. And it did just that with my personal training clients.

A couple of the guys in my boxing class came up to me one morning and asked if I knew anyone – be it friends or other clients – that I could set them up with. I thought it was a joke to begin with, but after realised they were completely genuine, I thought long and hard and decided to match them with a former colleague and another client in my night session respectively.

Long story short, one couple ended up married and the other had an amazing three year relationship. Before I knew it, news had caught wind and found myself being the go-to “dating expert” for my single clients.

The rise: From personal trainer to dating expert

Q. And that’s when the idea came to you to open up a private matchmaking agency?

As they say, that’s how the cookie crumbled. After many more clients found love, I decided to gain professional certification at the Matchmaking Institute of New York, and the doors opened at Blue Label Life.

Q. Speaking of New York, any plans to expand overseas in the future?

Funny you should mention that because we’re actually drawing up plans to expand our office to the Big Apple within the next couple years. With the onset of the internet, the game of love is set to expand to a worldwide playing field.
Exciting times ahead. Stay tuned!

After the interview:

Despite offering a refreshing sense of humility to the interview, Samantha is no stranger to the spotlight. She is now regarded by journalists and peers as an authority on love, dating and relationships of all kinds.  She is appeared on several national TV show including; Sky News, Win News and The Naomi show.

Samantha is a regular on 2UE  and is featured in the several print media including, Cleo, Madison, Good health and Medicine, Sydney Morning Herald, Sun Herald, Canberra Times, The Manly Daily, Peninsular Living, Latte, Sun Herald, She Said and much more.

In January 2011, Samantha contributed to her first published. “Agents of Action” The book is a refreshing read sharing stories of a group of entrepreneurs and their journey to success.

Samantha brings a fresh, honest approach to the dating world.  She offers the following advice to all Australian singles; “When it comes to love; be open, positive, and most of all, expect the unexpected.”

For more information and dating tips call 1300 553 510 or register online on www.bluelabellife.com.au