Sydney Dating: MakeThe Right Choice.

Dating in Sydney is face paced and happening, the world really is you’re oyster. Just look around, there is so much available to you, from social groups, events, online dating even smart phones are getting in on the act and offering dating apps.

With all the opportunities to at your fingertips meet someone  when dating in Sydney, why then are their more singles than ever?

Is it really a matter of quantity over quality in the Sydney dating scene?

I’ve always been curious if there is so much choice out there why then are there more singles than ever?

You would think that the greater choice you have, the more likely you are of meeting someone that ticks your boxes. After all Sydney Dating scene is full and readily available to anyone one the look out.

Quality vs Quantity

Interestingly after doing some research I discovered that too much choice is actually can work against you and my original thoughts of quality over quantity is the absolute optimum when it comes to results.

Why is quality over quantity better when dating in Sydney?

It all stems from the paradox of choice, discovered by psychologist Barry Schwartz.

It is a known fact in psychology that the human mind makes the best decisions and the individual is much happier when given fewer choices. Eg Studies have proven when a person is given three choices of ice-cream the decision is much simpler there is more certainty of making the right choice and the individual is happier with the choice versus when a person is given over 30 flavours to choose when a person finally picks their flavours they feel like they have missed out on so many other options.

Interestingly the same pattern and though process plays out in dating. When the human mind is given too many choices we go into overwhelm. Too much choice causes decision paralysis and unhappiness giving the individual the “grass is always greener”, syndrome.

Psychologists have concluded that when there are a large amount of options they are evaluated in terms of missed opportunities instead of the opportunity’s potential.   Psychologist, Barry Schwartz states one of the downside of making trade-offs is that it alters how we feel about the decisions we face; afterwards it affects the level of satisfaction a person feels.

So in a nutshell even though there is ample choice when dating it Sydney, it is important to consider quality over quantity. Be selective, know what your main outcome is, your main long term goals and values and ultimately keep an open mind. Love happens when you least expect it when dating especially in this incredible city of Sydney!

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