Top 10 turn offs for women

53bae991e4a830f7b26752d2ab3d318e.42Dating single women and not knowing their turn off’s could leave you have a huge impact on your success and getting that woman you desire.

1. Lack of confidence

Women love a confident man, so even if your not feeling super confident fake it till you make it. Eventually you will being to feel good about yourself, the best way to start is to look after yourself, exercise, invest in yourself and get stylish clothes, always smell good, and plan your date, have a few favourite locations and topics to talk about up your sleeve. The more compliments you start to received the more confident you will feel.

2. Being overly eager

An eager beaver is a huge turn off, particularly in the early stages of dating. Women love mystery so give it to them, don’t return her calls immediately, wait a few days before you make contact with her. Make them wonder will he or won’t he call? The longer you wait the greater sense of relief she will feel when you finally make that call.

3. Neediness

Neediness makes a woman feel she has the weight of the world on her shoulders that is not sexy! This includes multiple calls, texts messages and emails through the day. If this is you get busy and get a life she will appreciate your independence and want to be around your action packed life.

4. Being Boring and predictable

If you’re a man that never deviates from a plan stop it, right now! The reason women love bad boys it is not actually the bad boy, it’s the adventure and unpredictable lifestyle that comes with it, expecting the unexpected is what is very appealing. So get out there and be spontaneous and adventurous, surprise her!

5. Penny pinching

Being cheap is a huge turn off! Whether it’s a cheap bottle of wine, talking about your budget or going Dutch when the bill is only $20. No matter how successful women are they do love to feel looked after so pay on the first date and you will reap the rewards.

6. Angry with the world

No one likes to be around an angry person, so leave your angry pants at home, if the traffic was bad, or the food at the restaurant wasn’t up to standard, or you had a bad day at work, keep it to yourself! If you hold a grudge let it go, relax, have fun and remember there are always bigger fish to fry.

7. Excessively Flirting

You may think flirting with the waitress will show your woman what she has or your wandering eye shows your appreciate for the female figure and will make your date work harder for you. Wrong! Instead it will put you in the looser bin. Remember your are not with the boys so don’t act like you are, respect and appreciation will go further.

8. Bad Hygiene

Smelly breath and body odour are a huge turn off! Make sure you smell good at all times, always shower, put on deodorant, and brush your teeth, floss and splash on the cologne. Have some gum or breathe mints handy during your date.

9. Talk about your ex

Talking about your ex only makes you appear not over her so keep the ex talk for your friends and your therapist. Telling your date how wonderful your ex was or worse how bad she was will have her sprinting in the opposite direction.

10. Verbal Diarrhoea

Talking about you, yes I am sure you are a very interesting specimen but to win her over you MUST focus on her. Ask her questions about her favourite movies, holiday destinations, what she would do if she could do anything in the world, if a movie star was to play her who would it be? You will find her answers interesting and most importantly she will being to fall for you!

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