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Another one of life’s mysteries. Each and every one of us have our own qualities that we desire in a partner, however at Blue Label Life we have found there are a few common requests that every man is looking for in a woman. Want to be the type of woman men dream about being with? Read on…

Each and every woman has her own character, personality and quality, which is wonderful as it makes us all different! Imagine a world full of clones? There would be no adventure or exhilaration in finding the one!

Blue Label Life’s dating guide: 10 things men want in a girlfriend, wife or partner:

1. Be yourself and be REAL!!

Remember your ideal match will like you for you, and different guys are attracted to different girls, but what matters most is your attitude and character.

Often I hear of men coming to me looking for a genuine girl, not interested in games or being fake. Being artificial is a big no, no a huge turn off!

2. Confidence

What we have found at Blue Label Life is being happy and comfortable in your own skin is very appealing to men. A woman who feels good about herself had emotional control, is rational, focused and has direction, never needy or winey. Isn’t it refreshing!

3. A great sense of style

This doesn’t mean the most expensive designer clothes, but it is important to take care of your grooming. Great manicured nails, fresh healthy hair; fashionable clothing that suits your figure. It has a twofold benefit not only will you attract more men you will feel good about yourself! And remember always leave something to the imagination dress sexy but classy!

4. Intelligence

Men tell the Blue Label Life team they want the whole package. More and more men are looking for a woman that they can connect with on an intellectual level. Teach your man new things, inspire him, share your hobbies, your experiences, keep up with a current affairs and most importantly show him what he has been missing before he meet you!

5. Be feminine

Keep the strong power face for work! Men are attracted to sweet and feminine ladies. I have mentioned before that men want to find out what it is you need and give it to you!

If you are overly moody around him, as opposed to upbeat and positive will make him feel that you are someone he needs in his life. Always give him support and appreciate the little things that he does, this will make him feel important.

6. Refine your cooking skills

It is true the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. As cliché as it sounds this is still true, men love a home cooked meal! Home cooked food is prepared with love; even a simple dish prepared well will impress him. So get out there and invest in a good recipe book and improve your cooking skills.

7. Tell him what you want

Men are really practical and love direction. Let him know what it is you want from him. Men love a woman with the confidence to tell him what she wants. Men love to please women so don’t be afraid to open up and let him know what is important to you!

8. Be friendly

Being domineering overly emotional and boastful is really unattractive and will have him run for the hills. Instead be friendly, warm and supportive to his friends and family, this will make him proud of being with you and make you irresistible.

9. Stay glamorous

Never let yourself go. Always take pride in your appearance and yes that does include the beauty regimes, bikini lines, looking after your skin, hair and style.

10. Love your body

A man loves a woman who is confident in her own skin. Focusing and highlighting your strengths is very appealing to men. Remember nobody is perfect but get to know your strong physical features, and highlight them, it may be your smile, your eyes, your great legs, arms!

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