When To RSVP

There’s that time of the year when everyone seems to be getting married or having parties. You become excited. You’re now thinking what to wear. But then you see multiple events lining up in your calendar. Each invite requires you to RSVP. Now you’re having a headache. You are not sure which ones you’d love to attend and which ones to ditch.

            So how do you respond? You think, “I’ll just wait a few days before the event and see if I’m to attending it”. The truth is, if you do just that, you might not find yourself invited to any events the following year. Here are a few key reminders on when to RSVP when you are asked to.


Make up your mind. If you decided to attend the event, stick to it no matter what. Make a decision in your mind that no matter what comes up in the coming days before the event, you are going to see through it.

Respond within the proper time frame. Invites usually include the time by when you should respond. However, two weeks prior to the event is the best and reasonable time to inform the people who invited you whether you can make it or not. This gives them time to inform their vendors, especially the caterer, with the right head count.

Manner of response doesn’t matter. Whether you send a note or you do it electronically (as we are in a digital age) thru email or SMS, just make sure you respond. Your response, regardless of which, is what’s really important. Just respond, it’s the polite thing to do. However, it wouldn’t hurt to respond in the same manner in which the invitation was sent.

Do not show up unprecedented. Just because you decided you wanted to go last minute, doesn’t mean you should. Sure, you’ve got an invite, but you have implied beforehand that you aren’t coming. When you arrive unannounced, you are being inconsiderate to the host because they aren’t prepared to entertain you.

Forgetting to respond. When you unintentionally forget to respond on the indicated date for RSVP, hosts usually take a non-response that you are not attending. But you have been graciously invited, so even if it’s too late, inform them that you are sorry for overlooking the RSVP date. They will respond if they can still accommodate you or not.

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