Why You Should Be Dating A Man On The Nerdy Side

If you are a woman and find yourself in a cycle of dating the wrong guys, then maybe you haven’t really let go of your high school daydream stereotypes— pining after the cool jock or the rebellious rocker because they’re just the coolest bunch of guys you know. In high school, that’s cute. But when you are a grown and responsible woman, finding the right man for you should involve more than just ‘cool’ in your criteria. While you are busy trying to impress Mr. Cool, another undiscovered males species is standing in the shadows.

Nerds. But before you do a double-take and gasp, first remove your preconceived notion that ALL nerds are bespeckled, pimply, and drooly. Surely, nerds tend to fall in that stereotype in school. But nerds do grow up and these soft-spoken smart guys always thought to be loner has actually more up in his sleeves than his brain and is a catch! Think of it ladies, the nerdy guys at school end up as Doctors, Lawyers, IT Guys, Engineers, Scientist’s, Inventors…you get the drift.

Brace yourself for the revenge of the nerds. Here are reasons why you should think twice about running after Mr Cool when nerds abound plenty.

Smarty Pants

This one’s a given. They almost know everything about anything. Maybe you wouldn’t have to check Google next time you are curious about something. Just ask him.

Genuinely Nice

They value being nice because not all people have been nice to them, so as a reflex, they’re genuinely nice to others. They are also logical and straightforward, so you don’t have to worry about hidden messages and guessing games when dating them. They are also very gentlemanly— they aren’t only after that ‘one thing, they actually want your company. They also keep good company, so having a bad influence is unlikely. They are true to themselves so what you see is really what you get.

Can-Fix-Anything Kinda Guy

They’re the go-to guys at work for troubleshooting just about anything. And they’ll do exactly the same for you. They are always more than willing to help you with any problems you encounter, whether it’s just a minor glitch in your computer down to helping you organize a weekend event. They love you, even your troubles.


Chances are, anyone as smart as them would always be employed. If not, they always find a means for a living because they are naturally resourceful. Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates— is there a need to say more?

Patient and Passionate

They are very passionate, given their obsessions. And they value hard work so they know that long hours put into anything with dedication pays off in the end. The same attitude will be extended to you as well. You’re like the reward they feel they have to earn so they will work hard to win you over.

Will Give You Full Attention

They are very dedicated when it comes to relationships so they’re very keen to pay attention even to the smallest details. One of the things they do best is to give you their focus. Their best skill also lies on being able to remember all the important stuff about you like birthdays and anniversaries, because nothing really gets past them!

Sweet and Sensual

Never underestimate them in the romantic department. Despite what you think of them, they are still guys who have the natural instinct in pleasing women. They exert all their effort in making you feel like you are the love of their life (which you really are!). They are very thoughtful and remember all the important details when it comes to you and ladies it is true it is the quiet ones you have to watch!

Funny Yet Introspective

With quirky interests and a matching sense of humour; nerds can share some interesting trivia or strange hobbies and while laughing at themselves, too. It’s a welcome deviation from the “I’m too cool to laugh at myself” act.

And because nerds are thinkers, they’ll give you the most engaging and enlightening conversations. You’ll have a newfound appreciation for them and their passions.

Very Accepting and Appreciative

They know how it is to be criticized constantly, so they won’t judge you based on how you dress or look in general. You don’t have to be so conscious when you’re around them and you know that they genuinely like you for who you are, not who you’re trying to be. And because they’ve had an experience of being ostracized from social circles, they naturally appreciate the fact that you’ve chosen them as their partner and will go to lengths to show that appreciation. That means they’ll be more committed than ever!

Able to Compromise

The reason why nerds are known as sweet and sensitive is that they know when and how to give in to their partners. They’re the best listeners because they aren’t self-centred.

In a nutshell, nerds are not so nerdy after all they are the winners, in the end, the keeper, the ones that women who are serious about having a good man in her life should snare. They are the quieter types, sure but get them one on one and you will feel like the only woman that exists, they often are the most passionate men. Enjoy!

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