Eat Fit Food: Your guide to attracting the one

food love 1Are you not feeling your absolute best after putting on a few extra kilos over winter?

When we look and feel our best, we are much more likely to be radiating positive energy which people are attracted to. The first steps to finding your true love are to be feeling great about yourself inside and out. Eat Fit Food can help you, along with Blue Label Life’s styling and appearance makeovers.

Imagine committing yourself to ten days of home delivered, healthy meals, cutting out alcohol and other stimulants and by the end of it feeling like a totally new person? The program will crank up your metabolism, flush your system and kick start you into the new season. Not only will it boost your energy and vitality, you’ll shed a couple of kilos and feel so amazing that people will be more drawn to you.

Don’t take our word for it. This is what other people have to say…
My Eat Fit Food detox…is just incredible! The whole experience has completely changed my attitude towards detoxing – it’s not some labor intensive thing for over-enthusiastic gym junkies – with EatFitFood it’s beyond simple. It’s as easy as opening your front door! In ten days I’ve lost 2 kilos and I feel amazing. Eating real, unprocessed food that tastes great has not only been exciting and mouth-wateringly enjoyable but it’s actually educated me on what I can cook for myself – combinations I never thought of and ways to make just five different vegetables taste delicious.  I can’t believe the quality and taste of the food – I don’t feel deprived at all, and I’m actually enjoying the detox process – the 10 day program is like a detox for dummies – I know a lot of people are putting off detoxing as it requires so much shopping and prep… EFF just wipes out all those issues. The snacks are generous, and the dinners are delicious. I’m raving about it to anyone who’ll listen! I can’t wait to see what comes in tomorrow’s little delivery.”

Sarah – Eat Fit Food Client

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Detox, Healthy Eating and Weight Loss programs available. Please call 02 9387 7771

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