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First date chit-chat

I never know what to talk about on a first date. I either talk too much or not enough. How can I sound charismatic and confident when all I feel is a bundle of nerves?
Ian, via email

You’re not alone, Ian. Your date may be just as nervous as you! It’s a proven fact that women don’t shut up. Women say around 7000 words per day, while men manage just over 2000. So the odds are against you from the get-go.

The key to sounding confident is preparation; remove awkward silences by being engaging. Have a few questions up your sleeve, but stay away from clichés. Questions like; where to do you live, what do you do, Or even worse, what was your ex like, won’t get you far.

Ask her fun, thought provoking questions. Ask her if she could do anything in the world, what would she do? Talk about her favourite holiday, where she would like to go and why? Be cheeky. Ask her what character in a film or television show best represents her personality. A really great question is; do you prefer beach escapes or log fire weekends away? It’s these kind of subjects that will not only get her thinking, but leave you looking like the refreshing, easy-going chap she’s been waiting for.

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