Fitness Dating – Best Fitness Dates (Part Two)

Bondi Vixen: Interview (Bondi FM) Part Two…

7. So Sam, what are your thoughts on fitness-based first dates?

You know what they say, “couples that play together, stay together!”

Fitness-based dates are fantastic for a number of reasons! Gosh, where do I start?

A fitness-based date naturally allows you to relax and focus on the activity, rather than any-old sit-down-and-share-a-meal-together date. Focusing on an activity naturally reduces nerves and allows those lovely endorphins we all love to be released throughout the world. The release of endorphins also promotes the release of the natural love drug oxytocin, which is commonly known as the “love drug”.

Fitness dates are so much fun. Think of how much you laugh in a training session with friends?

8. Sounds like they would be great for a transition to the next date, not having to stress about what to do on your next date would be great. What do you think, Sam?

You’re absolutely right, Vix! The great thing about fitness first dates is they really do reduce the anxiety of the next date. What a perfect prep for the next one… another fun activity! Another run, another game of tennis – whatever tickles your fancy!

9. Vix mentioned Oxytocin?

Yes, the neurochemical of love – aka “the cuddle hormone.” Did you know people with an inability to release oxytocin have narcissistic tendencies? I find that fascinating! Oxytocin is a remarkable hormone. It’s the hormone that allows you to sleep for hours when you are in the honeymoon phase of your relationship and still feel fantastic.

Interestingly, Oxytoxin gives you a very similar feeling that you get after the release of endorphins, post-exercise.

10. Vix – sounds like if you want to feel loved up, get out there and exercise!!

[Laughing] Absolutely, Vix!


11. Back to the topic of fitness and dating. How do you think people react to a fitness based date? Wouldn’t people prefer just to go on a dinner date rather than get all hot and sweaty?

Good point, Vix! I hear what you are saying, but let’s face it; first dates is all about standing out from the crowd. Why not do something different?

A fitness first date not only solidifies your common ground (as mentioned earlier), but it also reduces nerves and takes the focus off a date with perhaps a relative stranger.

I remember one of my early dates with my husband was a fitness date. It was a run through the domain in the city. We started at Lady Macquarie’s chair.

It was a big challenge was to run up the stair together. In the end we got flirty and I challenged him to piggy back me up the stairs. It was my opportunity to challenge and tease him in a nice way and his opportunity to show off his strength. It makes for better conversation later than saying; “how was your steak?” or “hmm…nice wine.”

I have recommended these kind of dates to so many of my clients. Why not make the most of this beautiful country we live in?

12. It sounds like a fitness date is all about bringing out the inner child in you?

You are spot on, Vix! I’m a big believer in nurturing your inner child. Keeping your inner child is very sexy. Your inner child is positive yet vulnerable, and always has the best intentions. Your inner child is free, fresh and adventurous!

Think about the playful celebrities that have a shining inner child. Think Drew Barrymore –  she’s always so playful! It’s really appealing.

Oh and that big guy [Jason Segel] from How I Met Your Mother –  I agree, his personality is very attractive!

13. Loving the sound of the fitness dates. They seem to take off so much pressure! What would you say are the top fitness date ideas you would recommend over the standard sedentary dinner and drinks?

Now you know I could be forever here, Vix!

Ok, my absolute favourite first dates are water-based ones and what better place than the world famous Bondi Beach? Bondi has such a vibe, it’s an incredible place. And the best part for Sydney-siders is that it’s right at our finger tips. Why not make the most of this blessing?

14.  Ok so do tell, what are your recommended “outdoorsy” dates?

  1. Stand up paddle boarding – make sure it’s a calm day. What a better way to enjoy the date and get to know each other than hitting the beach? This is your opportunity to learn something new together. Polish up your existing skills or teach your date just how it’s done!
  2. Kayaking is also wonderful. For calmer waters and those who prefer to sit down, kayaking is a great way to enjoy the harbour. You can even enjoy a sneaky wine when you get to your destination. There are so many amazing islands you can explore together. You can even fish off a kayak!
  3. Bondi to Bronte Walk – Soak up the sun and the smell of the sea, walk over to Bronte for some lunch and back to Bondi for dessert… yum!
  4. Stretch out with some yoga. It’s fun to compare flexibility and watch a man sweat!
  5. A game of tennis is a lot of fun and can bring out your competitive edge.
  6. Personal training session with a professional. Talk about the ultimate third wheel. If I fell into matchmaking through training a few people, there must be something to it!
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