Fitness Dating – Best Fitness Dates (Part One)

Interview with Bondi Vixen wih Bondi FM

1. You were once in the fitness industry what made you transition to matchmaking?

After university, I entered a number of industries – from being a scientist, to a fashion stylist, an exercise physiologist to personal trainer. I realised early on that I loved working with people and making a difference. After I had matched together eight of my training clients and a number of friends, the penny dropped and I realised I had a passion and natural flair for matchmaking.  I traveled to NY to research and study professional matchmaking and started up Blue Label Life. The rest is history!

2. Why New York?

New York has some of the best matchmakers in the world. They are absolute industry leaders and I’m all about learning from the best and giving it 100%.

3. Matchmaking, how does it work?

Matchmaking is an ancient art form. It’s been around for centuries.
The best comparison I like to illustrate to those interested is the movie Hitch. Have you seen it? You know the one with Will Smith?

Basically we get to know everyone face to face, find out what makes them tick, what they’re looking for in a partner, and most importantly, it’s all match them with someone amazing!  We offer a holistic service encouraging people to be the best they can be! And that means looking after themselves.

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4. Do you think there a relationship between fitness and dating?

Absolutely! There’s a huge crossover. Over the years, with the thousands of clients that have used our services, the ones that achieved the most success in love are the ones that take the time out to work on themselves. Historically, our fitter clients have healthier more fulfilling relationships.

5. In your experience why do you think there is a strong correlation?

People that regularly exercise are generally happier and more positive.

As for the couples, the couples who stay active have aligned values they feel better about sexier, and in turn, are happier and more energised, but also have a greater mutual regard for their partner.
Studies show that people that exercise are more relaxed, and being more relaxed means you’re in a better frame of mind to be supportive of your partner.

6. Do you think that it can work between someone that is fitness buff vs someone that doesn’t exercise?

Never say never. Although, in saying that, couples with similar values (like attitudes toward health and fitness) are more likely to stand the test of time than say, two people that are both opposites.
I’ve worked closely with leading relationship psychologist Dr Glen Wilson. He studied his PhD in compatibility and developed the compatibility quotient (CQ TEST), which looks at how compatible a couple are in terms of fundamental values including money, sexual compatibility, looks, lifestyle and social habits including drinking, smoking eating habits.
Since my time with Dr Wilson, I developed the relationship Radar which also includes factors such as fitness and travel. Attitudes toward the outdoors and fitness is such a huge part of our lifestyles, so we had to modify the test to fit the Australian culture.

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