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Hi there,

I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself and respond to the question you probably already have in your mind: “Who is Samantha Jayne?”

I’m someone who is fascinated by relationships, human behaviour particularly the reasons  why we choose particularly partners and not others.

I love to empower my clients and subscribers with the knowledge and power to make their dreams of finding that special someone a reality.

After years of experience as a professional matchmaker I discovered something amazing. I would hear men and women time and time again talk about the struggles and situations they were facing in their relationships with the opposite sex.

The compelling thing about the story was that it was so common, it was reoccurring with successful, smart men and women. The consistent theme was that these successful women had NO idea what men wanted and vice versa.  To top it off after years of making the same mistakes it has started to affect their self-esteem and confidence.

After years of working as a professional matchmaker and dating coach I discovered that men and women are wired completely differently. We have all heard about the science and the books that support, this but I was seeing this in flesh and blood.

Despite both men and being so different in their communication methods their fundamental needs and desires were the same. Men and women both wanted to feel loved, meet someone that respected them, they wanted honestly, and feeling like someone ‘gets you’

Unfortunately what I had notice is that even though men and women wanted to same things out of life they paths that they travelled were very rocky and resulted in more pain then pleasure.

I can help you “get” what’s going on inside a man or woman’s mind and what TRIGGERS attraction AND those more long-term feelings and love.

That’s why I want to let you know about a few of the proven ways I’ve helped women find and create amazing new connections with men…

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How can I Help You?

Are there things about meeting or attracting a partner that feel like a constant source of frustration to you?

Have you ever had a potential partner disappear into thin air when you thought things were going well?

Ever had a problem with getting a second date or commitment from someone?

Want to learn what you can do to make things happen for you?

Right now, odds are you’re looking to change at least something significant about how you interact with your potential partner, how they interact with you, or how your ongoing relationships tend to play out.

If so, I’ve got some great news for you.

If you’re truly ready to start changing your love life for the better forever, and I mean TRULY READY, in that you’re willing to stop doing what isn’t working for you and wasting your time with the relationships that don’t give much of anything back to you (especially in the long run)… then I want you to know that I’m here to help.

But there’s something you need to recognize first if you’re going to create a big “shift” in your love life now.

If you haven’t been able to make things work up until now, and you’ve probably done everything you could think of and have given all you have and more to trying to make things work- then it’s time, once and for all, that you recognize that TRYING HARDER with more of the same is not going to help. We all know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  Time is something you will never get back and the time is right now to gain the knowledge you need right now to make this relationship stuff easy for you!

If you take the real-world secrets about what to DO and SAY with men and relationships that I’m going to show you… and you simply put them to good use, then you’re immediately going to start seeing things differently as you start getting new RESULTS. I do need commitment from you. It’s time for you to own your life, your situation and create new ways and opportunities for you to find success. Only you have the power to create change. The team and I are here to provide you with the tools.

I’m excited for this moment where you take what I show you, and after using it you really and truly “learn” from it because you see and feel first-hand how and why it works.

DISCOVER The MOST EFFECTIVE strategies for bringing out your MOST charming YOU and making your relationship dreams a reality.

Session 1:

  1. How to set up a magnetic, appealing profile that is compelling confident and flirty.
  2. How to have a smooth transition from first date phone call to your first date without losing your date?
  3. BIGGEST mistakes people make on first dates  and how to AVOID them.
  4. What’s hot and what’s not? Killer outfits to  attract the opposite sex?
  5. The bill, who pay for the first date and why?
  6. 3 most important things that help you achieve success in attracting someone incredible. If you know what these are, your chances of success  will dramatically increase. If you don’t know what they are, you have no chance even before you start…

Session 2:

  1. How to have that irresistible charm?
  2. Why you find some people boring and others so sexy?
  3. Crazy kind of love. The REAL reason you have dated the dysfunctional types and how to it from happening again?
  4. How having certain expectations will make you happier, more attractive to the opposite sex, and will make finding a quality partner happen MUCH sooner!
  5. Am I being too picky? Your essential checklist for a long term partner?
  6. How to  have that irresistible charm in dating your future relationship, even the relationships with your friend’s family and colleagues.

Session 3:

  1. Masculine and feminine energies, how the  incorrect balance will leave you single forever and how to get the perfect balance.
  2. Your personality type revealed and who you should be dating.
  3. How to ensure your partner only has eyes for you and never wants to leave.
  4. The secret to passionate relationships revealed.
  5. The dangerous truth about control.
  6. Love languages how important are they really?

Bonus session

  1. The power of beliefs and how they are impacting your life today.
  2. Leaving the past behind and loving like a teenager again.
  3. The perfect timing for when should you have sex?
  4. What to do when your date is being negative?
  5. How long should you wait to reply to texts?

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Next session starts Monday 9th September at 7pm, followed by each consecutive Monday. If you can’t make it, it’s ok we can send you a copy of the recordings.

I look forward to hearing from you and working together to create the change you desire and find the relationship you deserve!

Yours truly,

Samantha Jayne

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