Get me out of the ‘friend zone’!

I’ve always been the guy that’s friend to all, but lover of none. I hang around hot, single girls all the time and watch as they get used and abused by every bloke with a set of abs and a Hollywood smile. And the worst part is I’m not that bad looking myself. How can I break out of the friend zone once and for all?
Zac, via email

Friend ZoneI see this happen all the time. I call it the “quicksand effect”; a great guy meets a hot group of women, no moves are made, months roll by, and before you know it you’re shackled into the friend zone for eternity.

There’s a tone of reasons why this happens to guys time and time again, but I’ll leave you with two.

The number one cause of friends-only relationships is the hunt (or lack thereof). Women, like men, are enthralled by the chase. It’s why there’s truth to the old nice-guys-finish-last chestnut. No matter how perfect you may be, if there’s no challenge, in a woman’s world, it’s not worth pursuing.

Friend ZoneYou may also be letting your guard down too early. The best part about the hunt is the element of the unknown. It’s the mystery that helps create the history.

So think twice about revealing your life story from

the get-go. Be adventurous, look busy, and make her work for you. The fact that you’re mates with a group of sexy, single women will help in the long run. They will no doubt tell any future females what a great catch you are!

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