How do you know if you’ve met the one?

Couple in loveI hate this question. I hate asking it, and I hate the answer I receive from happy couples. You know the one. “You just know”.

What kind of help is that? You just know. What kind of fortune cookie did they pluck that nugget of wisdom from?

At the risk of sounding like the end to a John Hughes film, here’s my take on knowing when you have met The One:


It’s a moment of clarity followed by countless moments of pandemonium.
It’s feeling both comfort and insecurity at the same time.
It’s the smile that shapes your face every time you say their name.
It’s the conversation you find yourself having to anyone willing to listen.
It’s the confidence of being able to fight without fear.
It’s the sacrifices you’re willing to make, and the time you’re willing to take.
It’s when the mundane becomes interesting.
It’s when small moments become the big moments.
It’s a happiness that spreads throughout friends and family.
It’s a sense of jealousy when strangers see what you see.
It’s taking a bullet, no questions asked.
It’s a mutual respect, and a trust that needs not be spoken.
It’s a covenant forged, and a bond that cannot be broken.
And above all else, it’s the pride of knowing that who are and who you plan to be is, and always will be, enough.

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