How To Have A Spectacular First Date?

There are plenty of things to consider for that all-important first date. Where should you go? What will your conversations be about? Would you both have an enjoyable experience? What kind of first impression will you leave your date? flirty-first-date-2-300x200

These are the three key elements that you should consider in order to have a date to remember!

The Place

 This is quite an important factor because it will set the mood and ambience of your date. In choosing the place, take into consideration the interests of your date. Pick a restaurant that allows you to actually talk to each other, not shout over the noise of the crowd. Make it extra special and romantic, not just another place where you might hang out with your friends. Send the message that you took extra care to choose this place. Ditch the default dinner and coffee table when you can and instead choose a place that will allow you to explore and talk so there may be plenty of talking points. It isn’t always about what you do— it’s all about setting the spark and connection in motion.

The Right Energy

Oftentimes, first dates become a breaking ground for competition on who can impress who the most. But connecting with your date is not all about showing your wit. If you’re the female, let your male date see your feminine side. As for males, avoid going over the edge when trying to woo the ladies. Just be yourself and let the genuine you shine. Do not merely convey your thoughts but express your feelings as well. If your date sees that you are comfortable being yourself, it would be easier for them to let their guard down. Then you can truly have a good time in each other’s company.

Keep it in the Moment

You can’t help it but project into the future, even on your first date. Avoid overthinking things and just enjoy the present moment you and your date is sharing. Do not discuss things like marriage and children. Let the guy lead the “future” talk. Take the pressure off each other by expecting too much about things which are yet to happen. Give yourselves a chance to see how their mind works and what you each may think of the other.

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