How to look glowing before a first date?

What’s better than to be told you look beautiful tonight?

“You’re glowing!” Before you reach for the spray tan here are a few of my tried and tested ways to look glowing before a first date.

  • Moisturise, simple but under estimated, use a really hydrating moisturizer. glowing-222x300
  • Sauna, and if you can, use the sauna and then immerse yourself in cold water, not sure how it works but no fail, you will not only look glowing, you will feel amazing afterwards too.
  • Get a massage, I like to pop into one of the Thai massage places you see everywhere for a quick ten minute message for a date, works a treat and you start the night relaxed!
  • Don’t drink coffee, it dehydrates you and this can affect your skin. For this reason, try to avoid alcohol the night before too.
  • Exercise, get those endorphins going….  Yoga is a great choice; you will work on your circulation, creating a nice yoga glow.
  • Eat nutrient rich foods all day. I always feel my face looks a bit more sprightly after a fresh juice, packed with green vegetables.
  • Water, water, water. Hydration is the key to glowing skin.
  • At all lengths try to avoid spray tans, even some of the best ones have a spray that lingers. Quite a turnoff.


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