How To Tell If You Are More Than Just Friends.

When friendship turns into flirtationship and more, know what signs to look for.

Maybe you tell each other everything, you are comfortable with each other, or you long for each other’s presence.

Suddenly your friendship takes on a new form into a budding romantic relationship. Here’s how to find out if you’re both on your way to becoming couples.

Your friends start teasing you.

The reason why people tease you is because you both are giving off the vibe that something’s going on between you and your friend. They comment on how you two look good if you were a couple and how compatible you both seem to be. Oftentimes, you are so blinded by the “just friends” label that your friends notice the romantic spark before you do.

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You talk to each other every day and very often before bedtime.

And it’s not just casual talk, although most of your conversation is practically about nothing. You start talking to each other at length and you both begin to look forward to these conversations. You ask each other mundane details about your day.

You spend a lot of time together. Alone.

You are beginning to both find excuses just to hang out together or do things together. You enjoy each other’s presence more than your other friends. You are often seen alone together and brush it off as just “hanging out” but in reality you both really don’t need and want the company of others. Bustle in their article What If We’re Not Just Friends goes further by saying You text each other all the time. You’re always down to watch the same show. One minute you’re dishing with your BFF about spin class and your love of frozen yogurt, the next minute you’re wondering if your pal is about to lean across the couch and kiss you.

Your gestures toward each other are getting sweeter.

You notice you both always want to be in close proximity with each other and physical contact happens more often. There’s the occasional “accidental” hand holding, caressing each other’s back, draping of arms over shoulders, lingering hugs and sweet kisses on the cheeks, resting of heads on shoulders, or inevitable cuddling.

You have pet names for each other.

Sure, friends have special names for each other. But for your someone special? They are totally something else. You both have this strong urge of affection for each other that calling each other by your names just doesn’t seem right. Your text messages even start to include sweet nothings like “sweetie” or “babe”.

You both get jealous when the other is in the company of the opposite sex.

When your “friend” get a special attention from someone else, you get this pang of jealousy. Meanwhile, they too give hints that they are feeling jealous when you are seeing someone else. Now why is that?

You finish each other’s sentences and occupy each other’s thoughts.

You message each other almost at the same time and say “I was just thinking of you”. You also finish each other’s sentences and you practically know their secrets. Your conversations are laden with flirtation so thick you can slice it with a knife. This is a signthat your way way more than just friends living close by each other – in fact, you are developing a very close realtionship that will lead to something long-lasting and solid. Watch out for the signs as they do creep up on you. And, before you know if your in love and in a relationship.

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