Man drought: Revisited

Do you believe there is a man drought?

Miranda, via email

How can there not be? Look around. There are men everywhere! At every bar, club, social event and singles night, what kind of ratio do you see? To me, the question has always been “where are the good men?” To that I say that many of us are guilty of looking for the love in the wrong places.


You mention in your ‘Man Drought’ post that women still have the power. Is this still the case when the numbers are tipped in men’s favour?

Miranda, via email
As I say to my clients, in love, just as it is in life, the odds will almost always be against you. What sets happily ever after from “he was just some guy I met one time” is jumping at opportunity. Women will always have men court them. It’s an exact science. The key is to really give men a chance to impress. And I’m not just talking about coffee on a Sunday afternoon. Think big picture. Multiple dates all staged in the evening. To find love, you must first set the mood.

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