Man drought: Uncovered

It’s easy for Beyoncé to say. Here’s a woman who’s perhaps the most sought-after artist on the planet. A woman who’s currently dating perhaps the most powerful hip-hop mogul and all-round superstar in Jay-Z.  And a woman who has, at one stage, played a starring role in the wet dreams of every man on planet. Why not tell other suckers (whoops I mean, “single ladies”) to put our hands up?

Then again, Beyoncé, like every other American woman, isn’t faced with the same dilemma as single birds from the land down under.

The dilemma I’m referring to is the highly publicised, buzz-phrase, The Man Drought.

All the single ladies

It’s NOT raining men

For those of you living under a rock, the man drought is a theory made famous by Australian social commentator and demographer, Bernard Salt.


The theory suggests that once woman reach the age of 34, single women begin to outnumber single men in Australia. The gap widens with every year to a point when, by the time women hit their 80s, there’s 70 per cent more single women than single men.

There are a number of reasons for this gender imbalance. Not the least of which is impact of globalisation. “Our youngest, our brightest, our most ambitious, the slightly more male occupations are being attracted out of Australia,” said Mr Salt.

In addition, Generation X women have had access to fewer men from which to choose a partner than did baby boomer women 30 years ago.

The Solution

Mr Salt says the obvious solution is for older women to move out of cities and into remote, rural farming and mining communities where men are still in plentiful supply.

True. But something tells me our successful professionals won’t be trading in their overcoats for overalls anytime soon.

In the midst of this entire man drought debate, it seems as though people are forgetting about one key fact; most men, regardless of profession, will give almost any woman a chance.

The problem is that the man drought has gone against the very forces of nature. Men are supposed to hunt and pursue, not be lazy, badly behaved schmucks who are now able to take it or leave it whenever they please.

And women are supposed to be alluring, hard to get creatures of class, not people who have resorted to throwing themselves at every Joe Blow on the street.

So while the numbers may not exactly work in a female’s favour, it’s important to remember that women have been in control of the game since the dawn of time. The right attitude, combined with knowledge of the single men hotspots, is more than enough to elevate you above pack and into the arms of Mr Right.

Who knows? One day it could be you standing on stage, telling single ladies to put their hands up.

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