Married At First Sight TV Show A Good Or Bad Thing?

Like it or loathe it married at first sight has sparked huge interests amongst Australian’s.
On its first night, the controversial show had over one million viewers. Yes, one million viewers!!

Married at first sight brings up a stir of emotions both for the viewers and the couples. Anger, frustration, the desire for love, happiness and the pressure of getting things right, hope and fear.

Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight

It’s fascinating and intruding how two absolute strangers would meet for the very first time at the altar. My favourite part of Married At First Sight was watching the parents reactions. I think there is a little part of us that truly love to shock our parents. Well I know that is true for me.

In saying that I wonder if it would shock my parents?
If I was to ever enter a show like that and tell them I was getting married to a complete stranger. Probably not, my parents believe in love and taking chances.
Their story is pretty risky by any ones standards. My mum and dad married after 3 weeks of knowing each other and guess what? It worked! It really did. It was a case of til death do us part.

My parents were married for over 50 years until my mother passed away July last year. I’m going off tangent now I guess I wanted to share with you that sometimes you must just do it! Believe and go make it happen! Does it make sense?

I know it seems extremely illogical to jump straight in, and take a chance, society teaches you to be careful, be safe, be cautious but if you are always playing it safe can you imagine how many opportunities you are missing?

Imagine when you first learn to walk you fell over and from that moment onwards you decide you would never walk without holding onto something “just in case”. Life would be very different, wouldn’t it?

Instead you dusted yourself off and tried again, you believed in yourself and made it happen.
I think the couples on Married At First Sight are very brave. I admire them for being vulnerable and taking action. Clearly they want love, they want someone special so rather than sitting back and dreaming they stepped out of their comfort zone and put themselves out there. They did it and regardless of the outcome I think they should be proud of themselves.

I’m a big believer of experiencing life after you only live once.
The fact that these six individuals have taken part in a social experiment in the hope of finding love then I support them. The environment is controlled, they have experts giving them advice and ultimately they know the other person is looking for the same thing. So why not?
It is a once in a lifetime experience and one thing for certain is that they will grow, learn and discover something new about themselves and they will experience a connection like never before. The couples may or may not stay together but one thing for sure is that they have a story to tell. When they are sitting back on their dusty old chairs as elderly people they can tell their great grandchildren a beautiful, “Once upon a time”, story.

enjoy every moment
So what’s your story? Have you taken a risk today? Have you stretched yourself, embraced an opportunity? What have you done to connect with someone?
Thanks for taking the time to connect with me. I appreciate you.

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