Matchmaker V Tinder: what’s best for you?

For those single people out there looking to find true love there are a myriad of ways you can do this.

Probably the two most popular methods of finding love are the really popular dating app called Tinder (which your probably already on or know someone who has been on there) or a matchmaker.

If your new to the dating scene or have been in a long term relationship and have just split up & want to meet someone, then you should probably know the difference between these two ways of meeting people and what works best for you.


This is a dating app that you can download to your phone and within a few minutes you can be meeting people. It’s hard to say just how many people are using Tinder worldwide but the numbers must be absolutely astronomical.

Tinder Advantages

dating agency in melbourne vs tinder

Tinder v’s matchmakers; online apps are great but there are lots of disadvantages and mind games; watch out!

– you can access it from any where in the world. If your going to a new country and want to meet new people or hook up then this is a great app for this purpose. Tinder has a function that allows you to meet people in other countries.

– sign up is relatively easy and you can be checking out profiles within a couple of minutes.

– there are thousands of people using the app everyday so there’s no shortage of people on there

Tinder Disadvantages

– because its so popular people are spoilt for choice so the likelihood of you matching with someone is slim

– most of the guys who go on Tinder are after a fling. Having said that there are guys who are genuinely to meet someone but for the most part it’s a hook up app.

Most people will deny this but the reality is that the guys are looking for a one night stand and the girls are looking to meet someone genuine….so it kind of doesn’t stack up. There seems to be this double standard on the app where people don’t rally say what they are there for. This leads to heaps of disappointments and broken hearts.

– Loads of the photos on Tinder are either old or fake. What you see isn’t who you’re likely to meet. Some photos can be 5-10 years old. And, when you meet the person it’s a huge disappointment.

matchmaker v's tinder

Tinder dating can be a real hit and miss. Beware of scammers also.

– there seems to be this attitude that the ‘grass in always greener’. Because there are so many people on the app, so many people will make up their mind about you really quickly if you don’t meet their expectations. Whilst this is OK, on Tinder the attitude that prevails is that there is always someone better so you don’t end up giving the person your meeting the best opportunity. It’s a real churn and burn kind of way to date. Great for some but for most people it’s a massive headache.

-there are now so many scammers on Tinder that you have to be super-careful as many profiles are designed to capture your details and use them.

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A matchmaker in Melbourne or a dating agency is someone who will search on your behalf to find a match for you. They generally have a great database of people who they can search as well as some great personal and professional connections.


Matchmaker disadvantages

– it can be pricey & this price will depend on who you decide to use

– dating is not a perfect environment and when it comes to matchmakers sometimes they can get it wrong.

– some matchmakers can over promise and under deliver – make sure you go with a reputable matchmaker. Even better go and meet with them to suss them about and see if they are really authentic and not all about the hard sell.


Matchmaker advantages

– you can maintain your privacy. With Tinder you have to splash your photo all over the place but with a matchmaker you get 100% privacy. This is perfect for people with a high profile or people who like to remain anonymous.

– your paying for a service so you can expect top matches once you join.

-you get qualified feedback after your date and your not left wondering why you’ve been ghosted. Oprah Daily has a great article Here’s Why You Got Ghosted After a Great Date—And What to Do About It. We all get ghosted and you have to accept it as part of the dating cycle or journey.

– your not wasting time going on dates that in most cases will not be suitable.

– you get matched with like for like. Your matchmaker should know what you like and what your tastes are in the opposite sex and will match you accordingly.

– yes it can be a bit pricey but if you’re a professional, executive or someone who is successful you are kind of treating yourself to this service.

– if you have been married and are now recently divorced or perhaps a senior not familiar with apps then a matchmaker will guide you through the dating maze. It can be horrible if your new to this and there are loads of rejections so if your not thick skinned then this is a great way to ease into the dating world. Apps like Tinder can be far too harsh and extreme for some people. If your sensitive in any way then a matchmaker is definitely the better option.

These are just a few pointers showing you’re the difference between paying for the services of a matchmaker or going it alone and venturing into the unchartered territory of Tinder.

If after reading this you’re thinking that your prefer to use a matchmaker then why not speak to me: Robyn at Blue Label Life on 1300 553 510. Come on for a chat in either our Sydney or Melbourne offices and we can start the process of finding you true love.

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